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Thursday, November 15, 2012


I spoke to an unhappy reader of mine (ahem, Grandpa!) earlier today who was quite disgruntled with the lack of photos and updates as of late, so I figured I'd give you all some recent Hayesisms, as well as a couple of shots we've taken over the past few weeks to appease your cravings.

...Hayes has recently learned how to open the fridge and freezer. This was pretty devastating as that appliance was pretty much the only safe haven left in the whole house (as I mentioned, he figured out those pesky child locks on the cabinets weeks ago!). He's constantly opening it up and  helping himself to whatever he wants. Case in point, the other day, even before he had his morning milk, the need for some chocolate covered frozen bananas came on strong...

...He's mastering the art of jumping, yet doesn't quite understand that a legitimate jump means both of his feet should be coming off the ground at the same time. So instead, he stomps feverishly with one foot, over and over again.
...He's jumped on the 'Gangnam Style' bandwagon...

...As his words have increased (we're up to about 12 or so now), he's very adamant about addressing us by name 24/7. Sadly this means that when he's upset about going to bed or when he wakes up and is waiting for us to come get him, it's no longer just wailing we have to listen to, but "Dada? Ma-man?!" over and over again.
...He's learning how to play catch and can actually throw and catch the ball on his own!
...He loves to twirl and we're teaching him how any performance should end, with a good bow.

...He knows how to give raspberries (you know, when you blow on somebody's belly and it makes a tooting sound?). He'll start blowing them before his mouth even makes contact with skin and can achieve the most authentic sounding raspberries I've ever heard - I think it's because he has such luscious lips.
...As you can see, he's getting to be quite a handsome little guy...


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  1. Thank you, Grandpa
    I got my 20 minutes of love from him today, satisfied my mid week craving