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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The above quote seems quite fitting for the way I feel about how my relationship started with my husband.

Grant and I met our Senior year of high school when he reluctantly became a boarder at TASIS, a little preparatory school in Thorpe, England. Being a school full of ex-pats, we were used to a handful of new kids coming every year to replace those who's families had moved onto their next assignment but it was rare that these new kids fell into the coveted "cool" category, especially the older we got and less likely families were to uproot their kids for their final years of school. 

Much to the delight of the girls in the class of 1999, Grant Cohen, the kid who talked weird (our virgin ears had never heard the word 'hella', nor did we know what 'slanging wolf tickets' meant) seemed like a pretty cool kid, not to mention cute as the dickens. Being in a long-term relationship (a year was akin to 20 at that stage in life) already, I harbored a secret crush on the new guy, but didn't show my cards until a few months into the school year when it was quite apparent that I was over my ex-boyfriend and very interested in pursuing a relationship with Grant.

Our first kiss was in the coat check line at a Cypress Hill concert at Brixton Academy in London. After a hazy show (in more than one sense of the word!), we made our way upstairs to grab our coats and while hugging me from behind, the boy from Alamo went in for a smooch. I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach today when I think about that moment - the excitement after so much anticipation, feeling like we were doing something we shouldn't have been doing since my recent break-up was still so fresh. Our chemistry was undeniable and we were both excited for what we expected to be a six month fling to follow as we ended our Senior year and went off to our respective colleges. 

So back to my original point: When we first met, I had no idea you would be so important to me.

When it came time to say goodbye in June, what was supposed to be a fun fling became a long distance relationship. Neither one of us were quite ready to say goodbye to each other so we figured we wouldn't officially put an end to things quite yet. Fall quickly arrived and a perfect storm (pun very much intended) of multiple hurricanes enabled Grant take advantage of his parents' forced evacuations to travel up North pretty much every month to see me. Before we knew it, I had transferred to University of Miami (I claimed I hated the curriculum at Boston University but it was fairly obvious why I was really so miserable) and our "fling" had become a serious relationship. 

Fast forward 14 years and here we are, married with a vivacious two year old and still happy as can be. We've both changed a lot over the years - 14 years is a long time, especially the 14 years we've been together. We met as children, went through college, then post college trying-to-find-our-place-in-the-real-world, then marriage and baby. That's a whole lotta change to go through. But never once have we broken up and although there have been a couple of rough moments, my love for my bigou has never wavered and has only gotten stronger as the years have passed. 


I had no clue that when I first laid eyes on Grant waiting to get our school pictures taken outside Mrs. Reinekinan's classroom that I would one day marry him and have a baby with him. I had no clue that when we drunkenly told each other "No, but I REALLY love you!" on the party bus to an Ibiza club, we'd still be saying it 14 years later. And had you told me that our December 12th anniversary would still have meaning on the last repetitive date we'll encounter in our lifetime - 12.12.12, I would have appreciated your nostalgic notion but would have secretly thought you were insane.

Regardless, I'm a lucky girl to have been where I was when I was and couldn't pick a better person to fill the role of my everything. I love you 'gous and can't wait for many more dating anniversaries to come ;-)

Ibiza, June 1999

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