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Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Hanukkah!

Is it Hanukkah or Chanukkah? I've never understood why it's spelled two different ways and to be honest, I have a hard enough time spelling the word in the first place, so my version usually omits the seemingly unnecessary 'c'... However it's spelled, we're celebrating it this weekend so Happy Happy to everyone!

Grant's fam, including Hayzey's great grandma Shif and Auntie V's boyfriend, Tommy are all coming up to the Kibbutz tomorrow afternoon to prepare our annual Hanukkah feast - homemade brisket, latkes, grilled vegetables and to top off the overflowing tanks, warm pepsi-cola cake. I can feel myself getting fatter just writing that, but it sure does sound delicious!

As happy hosts, our only responsibilities are the drinks (no problem, didn't you know I live with an almost-certified bartender?) and a nice light salad to accompany the heavier dishes. I've also got a batch of Nini's delightful white chocolate chip and craisin cookies baking away in the oven as we speak (Hayes will rise from his nap to the aroma of freshly baked goodness - lucky boy!), so hopefully our guests will pick away at those as they lounge around the house tomorrow afternoon. All I know for sure is that if there's chocolate involved, this little guy is game:

Looking forward to our first official holiday celebration of the year. The next couple of weeks are going to be a whirlwind, what with our Friendukkah on Tuesday night, back to back holiday parties next Thurs and Fri, a trip to Santa Barbara to celebrate our 14 year dating anniversary (insane!) and then Christmas right around the corner. I'm loving all of the action and excitement!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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