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Monday, December 3, 2012

It's the Holiday Season...

The holiday season has officially kicked off around here and I could not be happier about it. They definitely crept up on us this year (I think b/c Thanksgiving was so early - apparently b/c there were 5 Thursdays in November this year, which rarely happens), but now that they're here, I am trying to soak in every minute and wishing time would slow down a little so I can really enjoy it.

I'm also having fun teaching Hayes all about what the holidays have to offer. I'm not sure how much he gets right now, but I think he can definitely sense that there's something different going on. We got our tree this weekend and ever since then, every time he wakes up from sleeping, he runs into the front room and stands in front of it, exclaiming "Chee?!" (or something along those lines - it's hard to phonetically explain Hayes-talk!). We had to make the top of our tree very breakable-bulb-heavy and put those ornaments we don't care so much about within Hayes' reach at the bottom. So far, he's been pretty good about keeping the ornaments on the tree, although when I found him in there this morning, he had taken every ornament that somewhat resembled a ball off of the tree and had placed them on the floor in front of him. I think this'll be a recurring trend over the next month...

Hayes has also embraced the fireplace - seems he likes to be cozy too. He knows where we keep the fire-starter in our coffee table and if the fire isn't on, he'll go into the table and urge us to turn it on. Luckily the fire-starter has no real flame and the fireplace is protected by a child-safe gate (I can see grandparents' heads shaking in shame) so there's no real danger, but still something I suppose we should keep an eye on.
Where Hayes chooses to sit to watch TV these days...
And finally, Hayes had a taste of the good life this weekend when he had his very first advent calendar. Needless to say, I don't know how I'm going to explain why this delicious treat ends in 22 days... I'm bracing for some resistance.

Besides the Christmas shenanigans I mentioned above, we also took the boy ice skating this weekend at a holiday pop-up rink nearby. I hadn't been on skates in almost 20 years and I don't think Grant had ever been on them, so it was definitely interesting trying to balance ourselves, as well as a squirmy toddler but it was a fun time all around and as you can see by the pics, Hayzey enjoyed embracing his Canadian roots ;-)

Hope you're all enjoying the holidays so far and that you're stopping to take it all in. Like everything else, I'm sure they'll be gone in a flash!

Oh and for those of you who may have received a strange email from me with a link in the body, please disregard. It seems my email was hacked and I was busy sending out spam to all of my contacts while I slept last night. I'm officially switching over to my gmail account (chanel.cohen@gmail.com) so please update your records.


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