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Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Getaway & NYE

We decided to break up our trip to Scottsdale a bit with a mini family getaway. Not wanting to spend too much time in the car, but understanding that wherever we went from my parents' place out in the cuts would be at least an hour+, we chose Tucson mainly for it's proximity.

We didn't know too much about Tucson before we went there. I pictured it being a quaint little town with lots of Hispanic heritage, art galleries, cute cafes and restaurants and killer Mexican food. Unfortunately, not so much. I'm still not convinced that we didn't just miss that part of town - our hotel was in the Casa Adobes area, which was about 20 minutes away from downtown - no where to walk around per se. And the few restaurants we went to were definitely smack dab in the middle of residential areas vs. happening city streets. So maybe that quaintness exists, we just didn't see it.

I can't say we'll ever rush back but the vacation served it's purpose. Grant, Hayes and I enjoyed some quality, relaxing time with each other - Hayes enjoyed the pool and hot tub (and added the word 'pool' to his vocabulary!), we had a nice visit to the zoo where we were able to feed giraffes (which Grant and I thought was pretty cool, Hayes was terrified) and I was finally able to take Grant to a restaurant I've been talking about for 10+ years!

New family tradition: pressed pennies.
Tearing into some ribs at Pinnacle Steakhouse in Traildust Town

We returned from Tucson on the 28th and spent some quality time with Auntie Whitney before the troops descended for NYE. My parents had a huge NYE soiree, complete with DJ and photo booth and Hayes decided to join the party right before the countdown (like parents, like son, I suppose!). 

Drum fun with Auntie Whitney (I swear, this kid's going to be a percussionist)...
Big boy going down the slide all by himself!
Hayzey bear...
NYE 2013
The girls and Hayzey, NYE 2013

We had a nice vacation but traveling for 10 days with a toddler is a long time and we were all quite happy to be back home in our own beds. Unfortunately, right after we got home, Hayes came down with croup (which should really be called crap) so the Kibbutz has literally been an infirmary for the past 5 days. Not the most ideal way to start off the New Year but I guess better now than when we're in the islands next week (6 days, but who's counting?!).

Isn't this the saddest thing you've ever seen?!

Here's to hoping this is the worst of our sickness this year.

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