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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


...his vocabulary has exploded over the past couple of weeks. We had been keeping a tally and were up to just over thirty words and now I have no clue how many the kid's got. Mostly just fragments of words ("wa" for "water", "da" for "Greta", you get the jist) but a few phrases as well. His favorite phrase is "All done!" which he says as he holds his hands out to the front, like take this away now! My favorite is this:

...Staying on the vocab category, he now knows the entire intro to "Gaga" (aka Yo Gabba Gabba) and will scream out the characters' names as they come on the screen ("Muno!" "Fufu!" "Beebee!", "Tutu!", "Crax!"), all the while squealing in delight and clapping his hands. His enthusiasm is the only thing that makes the sound of YGG at 6am these days tolerable.
...He loves to give kisses and once he starts, it's hard for him to stop. He puts both hands on your face and squeezes your cheeks real tight, then purses his lips and goes in for the smooch. I. die.
...As I mentioned yesterday, it's been a week of change, what with the whole transition to the toddler bed. Previously, when Hayes was still in a crib, when he wanted to tell us that he was angry about going to sleep or that he was done with his nap, he'd forcefully chuck the binkies out of the crib and onto the floor. Now, since he no longer has a crib, we have a lock on his door that keeps it open just a crack (mainly so I don't have to worry about him wandering the house at night - we go to him when he wants out, don't worry!). When he wakes up from his nap, he'll come to the door and push the binkies through the crack, as if to say "All done!"
...He is scarily adept at technology. If you ask him to, he'll find pictures of himself on your phone and knows exactly where the YGG videos are kept.
...The kid loves stickers. I find them everywhere; on bottoms of shoes, on pillows, on clothes, in purses, in my car. You know somebody's been spending time with Hayes when you find a sticker haphazardly placed on the back of their sweater. 
...He's started offering to help me cook and seems genuinely interested in what I'm doing. Last night, on his own accord, he dragged the step stool from our closet, all the way into the kitchen yelling "cook! cook!" the whole time after I told him I was going to start getting dinner ready. So proud!

Here are his 23 month pics, which include NYE in Scottsdale and our amazing trip to Hawaii. 

The party planning for the Big #2 has begun!

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