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Monday, March 4, 2013

2 year check-up!

Friday was a busy day for the boy...

We started the morning off with a speech evaluation at his school. For those of you that aren't in the know, there had been some concern as of late about Hayes' speech development compared to his peers, which was brought to our attention by the school about a month ago. They were concerned at his lack of speech, both expressive and receptive, and had also noticed some facial muscle tonal issues that they thought we should get checked out. We thought they were crazy in their observations about the receptive language being delayed (the kid has been doing push-ups on call since he was 15 months old!) and in the whole facial muscle thing (maybe his mouth wasn't moving b/c he wasn't saying words - duh!) but overall agreed that it couldn't hurt to get checked out and obviously wanted to offer him whatever support he needed to get him to the same level developmentally as those his age.

After a month of back and forth between various therapists, insurance companies, the state funded program - you name it, we explored it - we finally had our eval, which we decided to do at the school since that was where most of the concern was. 

The kid blew everyone's mind away and aced it. I kid you not, the teacher sat there with her mouth hanging open as Hayes not only receptively answered every question or command the therapist had, but also expressively told her what things were and strung multi-word sentences together. It's as if he knew what was going on and he wanted to prove everyone wrong. The therapist said she saw little to no delay and we were tickled pink that the teacher was able to see a snapshot of his true development. 

The therapist did say that she noticed some muscle tonal issues but they were nothing a few simple exercises couldn't fix (including switching his sippy cups to ones that have straws - who knew?!). It was a great evaluation and we couldn't have been prouder of our boy.

Friday afternoon, we visited the pediatrician for our 2 year check-up. Hayes is weighing in at 30.4 lbs and measures 35 1/4 inches long - 75th percentile for both. Doctor was pleased with everything and told us to keep on doing whatever we were doing and that we'd see her in another 6 months. The biggest news to come out of the appointment is that we were told to make the switch to 2% milk so now everyone in the family shares the same milk, something which for some reason makes Hayes seem like such a kid vs a baby now! We're also supposed to set up an appointment at the pediatric dentist since he has most of his teeth by now. That should be interesting...

Check out Hayes' 24 month pictures in the link below.


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