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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


...he's started stringing words together and likes to identify what belongs to everyone. So for instance, he'll say, "Mama shirt... Hayes shirt... Dada shirt" or "Dada Outshide", or the following:

...he knows a variety of ways to kiss, including two handed, old lady, slug, eskimo and butterfly (my personal favorite is a very passionate two handed kiss... ask him for one next time you see him, you'll be literally knocked off your feet).
...he's quite capable of feeding himself, but sometimes he likes a little excitement in his dining routine, so he'll give the fork to us and ask us to do car, train or AEHH PLANE, which he screams at us as if we're standing in the other room. And when we're not there to do it, he'll happily entertain himself:

...we've been teaching him to stay sleeping until the light on his clock turns green (which he's been doing a pretty good job at!). He'll come to the crack in his door in the morning and yell "Mama!"; I'll come to the door and ask if the clock is green and he'll excitedly jump up and down saying "Geen! Geen!". He'll then insist on bringing the clock into our bedroom to put on my side table while he drinks his milk. When the green light turns off (the stupid thing turns off as soon as you hit another button on it), he used to get very distressed but now he just happily says "Bye geen!".
...his favorite thing to do these days is to take large containers of things (balls, toys, legos) and dump them all over the floor.
...he also loves to color and will help himself to "paypay" from the printer in the office. We've had to ration how much paper we keep there so he doesn't blow through trees worth at a time.
...I've never seen a child get more thrill out of honking the horn on the car. Our neighbors must think someone is sending out a distress call on a daily basis.
...In the morning, when I change his diaper, I also take off the socks that he sleeps in (we have a hard time with footy pjs these days since he'll unzip them in protest to going to sleep so we've had to start sleeping in socks). As soon as I take them off, he looks at his feet and says "Hi toes!"

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