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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


...his new favorite game is to pretend to serve me from his restaurant. I'll tell him, "I'll have some french fries.", to which he'll mutter "ya" as he feverishly nods his head, then runs off to some abstract corner of the room to fetch the fries. "What about ketchup?", I'll say, and the same response will ensue. I can keep him busy running around the room, fetching me french fries, ketchup, milkshakes, bananas, oatmeal (his restaurant is one of many cuisines) and finally at the end, I'll say "How much do I owe you?" and his response? Usually "One!" - it's a very affordable dining establishment!
...I also noticed the other day when he was putting away his toys that he was scanning every single item, as if he was a teller at a grocery store.

...his favorite foods these days seem to be eggs and avocado (I'm not complaining!)
...he's taken to blindly diving off of the couch, assured that we will catch him every single time, even if we're across the room. It's frightening.
...we started swimming lessons last weekend. As you can see, Hayes needed a little more time to warm up to his instructor, Eugene... 

He spent the entire 15 minutes shrieking "All done! All done!" and crying hysterically. We'll try again on Friday and hope he starts to enjoy his time in the water!
...he's incredibly bossy when it comes to whether you have your shoes on or off and where you choose to sit down in the family room.
...when Hayes thinks something shouldn't be somewhere, or something shouldn't be done a certain way, he'll laughingly say with such authority "Oh, no no no no!" as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. I often wonder if we're the idiots for thinking that his bedroom is an okay place for one of his toys, when it so obviously shouldn't go there!
...he's obsessed with Curious George, but only in book form. I tried to get him to watch the television show and he angrily demanded for "Gaga" (Yo Gabba Gabba) to resume. Yes... Iamslowlygoingcrazy with Gabba.
...speaking of George, he thinks any monkey is George. He has a couple of pairs of patterned monkey pajamas and whenever he picks out his sleepwear, he insists on wearing the "Gohwge" ones.
...Brushing his teeth has never been easy, but lately he's been quite willing to let me get in there to get all of the animals out. So I'll say to him, "I see a birdie in there, can I get him out?" and he'll excitedly open his mouth while I brush and mutter "tweet tweet tweet". A few animals (and weirdly Nanna Susu is always in there too) later, we've got some clean teeth!
...Hayes has failed a few hearing tests lately and it's been determined that he has some liquid in his ears. Before going to ear tube route, the ENT suggested we try a daily nose spray, which as you can imagine, I was absolutely dreading. Turns out, Hayes loves himself a good nose spray! I actually use it to bribe him to brush his teeth. After we brush, we get "nose spay!" - I think he'd go through the whole bottle if I let him.
...he recently started soccer, which sadly I haven't been able to take him to yet, but here's a clip my friend captured of him and his little buddy Gavin earlier today. I think he's a natural ;-) (and that's Nanna Susu in the pink sweatshirt)...

...we are fully ready for summer around here. Bring it on.

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