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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Recap

We had a great Memorial Day weekend in Scottsdale with my parents and our good friends, the Carvers. Grant and I have been going to Scottsdale for Memorial Day ever since we moved to LA 10 years ago - it's an easy and relaxing trip and happens to be one of my favorite weekends of the year.

Weather was perfect and actually on the cooler side (native Arizonians consider anything not in the triple digits "cool"). We decided to have our friends from Chicago, Dan, Cassie and Hayzey's future wifey, Collins fly out to meet us since we hadn't seen them since October and it was the last time Cassie could travel before having their #2 in early July. We spent lots of time relaxing poolside, laughing at the littles who were just too cute together and making a pit stop at Chase Stadium for just enough time to catch a couple innings of baseball and take down some stadium dogs (I pretended they were nitrate free and didn't ask to be told differently!).

Here are some pics from the weekend. Hayes has been talking about "Colly" nonstop since we've been back. Let the love connection grow stronger!

Papa supervising Hayes poolside...
Hayzey's first slam dunk!
Learning how to drive Papa's boat...
Stealing a smooch on the golf course...
Little people, big world...
Enjoying an American past time, baseball cap ice cream sundae...
Hayzey's two for two for baseball games at Chase Stadium...

In other news, we peaked in on the peanut yesterday and all looks good. It wasn't the most exciting ultrasound ever as the babe was head down, slightly hidden and I'm pretty sure napping, but we were able to snap a quick shot of it looking all cozy. 

Note: peanut is on the right hand side, shot is taken from the top so you're looking at the top of it's head and can see it's nose and tiny arm...
 Heartbeat was a solid 142 BPM and I was getting really strong boy vibes (I didn't see anything to confirm but I'm about 90% sure it's a boy now - call it mother's intuition but I just have a feeling). Anyways, I guess we shall see at the gender reveal in July ;-)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Attention everyone, for Hayes has something very important to announce:

Yep, that's right. Our little man is going to be a big brother to this little peanut, arriving in mid-November (11/12/13, to be exact - the same birthday as his or her Daddy!)...

Peanut - 12 weeks
We are incredibly excited (and terrified!), but not in any rush to welcome the new addition. We have some things to take care of in the next 6 months (for instance, getting our two year old back to some solid sleeping habits before being thrown to the newborn wolves) so while the past three months of nausea, headaches, sciatic pain and insomnia haven't made it easy, I'm trying to enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible while the little one is still quietly tucked away inside my belly!

I started my second trimester (or honeymoon trimester as I like to affectionately call it) last week so I'm hoping it's smooth sailing from here on out. Hayes is very excited to become a "beeeg brawda" and knows that a "beebee" is coming in November (or at least has been trained to say so when asked!). 

We're told that the real fun begins when you go from one to two so we're bracing for a wild ride. Happy to finally be able to officially share the news with all of you ;-)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cousin Love

We had a great visit with Aunt Jess and cousin Hank this past weekend - it was short and sweet, but being around two rambunctious little guys 24/7 was EXHAUSTING! The good news is, I think they had a blast - which is nice foreshadowing for our 9 days planned with the fam in Montreal this summer.

As typical toddlers, they either loved each other or fought relentlessly over the same toy that they both had to have in that exact moment! But for the most part, they were good little sharers (especially Hank with his various trains and planes that came in handy at restaurants) and it was so cute to see them together. 

We had an action packed weekend that included a trip to the Beverly Hills Fire Station, a delicious Mother's Day brunch, time spent at the beach in Laguna and a family dinner with Grant's parents and grandmother. 

Here are some snaps from the weekend. Counting down the days until we get to see "Ham" and "Aunt Jesh" again ;-)

Uncle Grant's got his hands full...

Why do boys like being naked so much? And look at that tiny tush on Hank!

Hayzey (and Grant's!) dream - spraying the fire hose...
Mother's Day breakfast made with love (and with the help of Daddy - the.best.)
Hayes helping me eat my breakfast...
Adorable 'mamma' bracelet for Mother's Day...
Mother's Day brunch at The Lobster...
Some late afternoon beach time...
3 generations of Cohen moms with their sons...
Party of 3, Mother's Day 2013
Sissies and cousins ;-)
Hope y'all had a good one, spent with the mothers in your life who deserve their own special day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

It's Mother's Day this weekend, so you know what that means... This sentimental bag of mush is ready to love up on her little guy and reminisce about the joys (and pains) of motherhood over the past year.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Motherhood is the hardest job I've ever had. Since becoming a mom, I have a new-found respect for my own mother, a stay-at-home to 3 kids, all girls nonetheless. Before having kids, you look at stay-at-home moms and think, what a life! They get to stay home and do nothing all day long except play with their children. No real responsibilities, no schedules to stick to, no presentations to make or bosses to answer to. Then you have a baby and the short time you're on maternity leave and home full-time with your helpless baby is like a slap in the face. Your delusions beforehand are something you'd never understand until you find yourself living the situation. Sure there are no presentations, but there are plenty of negotiations (especially when you reach the toddler years!). Your responsibility isn't a client or a brand, it's a human being who wouldn't be surviving life if it wasn't for the efforts you make, most of which will go unnoticed and unappreciated until your kids have kids of their own. Your life revolves around schedules - eating, sleeping, bathing, classes, errands - not to mention squeezing in a few things everyday that are crucial to your own well-being (ie/ showers, doctors appointments, a minute to go to the bathroom). It's crazy town all day, every day, usually sleep deprived, always hectic. Relaxing becomes a thing of the past because even when you're on vacation, or out to dinner or at a movie, you always have part of your brain worrying about your baby, whether they went to sleep alright that night, whether they ate all of their dinner, if they'll ever actually learn to love brushing their teeth.

But then there are those moments...when your baby is sleeping peacefully in bed next to you; when they insist on giving you another hug and kiss before you leave for work; when they say something so cute and hilarious, you can't help but look at them and say, "I love you so much." That is what motherhood is all about. It's not motherhood the 'job' that's the reason why people keep having kids - sometimes I loathe the routine of having to come home every day to deal with dinner, bath, bedtime, all the while not knowing whether Hayes will be happily cooperative or the devil reincarnate (btw, here's a great article on that subject). But within those days of routine that fly by, there are moments that you couldn't imagine unless you experienced them. There are ways your child looks at you that you know are only reserved for you. There is a love that's felt between parent and child that's inexplicable and seemingly bursting at the seams. I've never met somebody who frustrates and fascinates me so much at the same time. I've never met anyone who I've loved so unconditionally, even in those moments where I feel like I should be hating him.

I learn something everyday from Hayes. Over the past year, I've learned that motherhood gets harder as they get older (and I'm sure I'll be learning that for years to come). I've also learned that as this little thing you created grows and becomes their own little person, motherhood becomes more rewarding.

I read a quote the other day about Mother's Day. The person was explaining the importance of it to her husband and summed it up by saying, "This holiday is more important to me than any other. It's the only holiday I had to earn." This weekend, on Mother's Day, I plan to enjoy my well-earned holiday, reflecting on the years of hard work my own parents put into raising me and hoping that I'm able to pass some of that down to my kids. And if I happen to get a couple extra two-handed kisses from my boy, well, I won't be complaining ;-)

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. I hope whatever you're doing, your day is perfect in it's own special way.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Parenting Stripes...

Grant and I earned some parenting stripes last night - the kind I hope not to have to see for quite some time again!

After retiring to bed early, we were awoken around 2:30ish by the pitter patter of little feet. Nothing different from any other night, as the badger has gotten quite accustomed to joining us at some point during the evening to command post on his spartan throw-pillow-and-hardwood-floor sleeping arrangement we've created next to my side of the bed.

He came in and immediately asked me for "more beebee", which meant that he had brought one, but wanted both pacifiers that he sleeps with every night. I grumbled that he could go back to his room and get the other one, so he quickly jumped off and headed back down the hallway. A few minutes later, he re-emerged empty handed, still requesting the other binky so I begrudgingly got out of bed and fetched it for him. 

He was pretty wide awake by this time so I knew it would be awhile before he mellowed out enough to fall asleep so when I got back in bed, I threw a pillow over my ear to drown out his tossing and turning and binky tapping. An hour later, I turn over to see him standing next to the bed. Pretty annoyed at this point, I sternly said to him, "Hayes, go to sleep or you're going back to your room!", then quickly realized that the entire side of my bed was wet with a dark substance. I'll spare you too many of the details, but the poor kid had thrown up on the floor, then stood up to tell me and threw up again. I quickly picked him up and carried him to the toilet, where he finished his business. At this point, he was pretty upset (like mother, like son, apparently we both cry when we're throwing up!), but as soon as he was done, besides being up in arms that his pajamas were dirty, he was back to his old self, even trying to help Grant clean up the vomit in the bedroom!

I took over taking care of Hayes and trying to get him back to sleep in his bed (fat chance) while poor Grant stripped the sheets and disinfected as best he could. We learned that the linen closet could use some re-organizing when I heard Grant huffing and puffing that every fitted sheet he pulled out was for a queen bed, not a king, so he eventually settled on sleeping in the guest bedroom, where Hayes and I (and our shadow, Greta) joined him moments later. 

It must have been 3 hours later by the time we all finally fell back to sleep, after bouts of the hiccups, fears of vomit in the face and Hayes insistence that he needed the throw-up bucket (when he didn't really but who wanted to take that chance!), the 3 of us + feline snuggled into our little queen guest bed. I'm so thankful that his sickness was one and done as I know it could have been way way worse, but it was one of those nights (the first time Hayes has ever thrown up) that you feel like you'll remember forever and makes you grateful to have a parenting partner-in-crime (how do single parents do it?), while at the same time reminds you how helpless you feel when you're little one is sick.

Nanna Susu woke us all up when she got there this morning and quickly got to cleaning up the evidence from last night's debacle. And Hayes was back to his chipper self, springing out of bed saying "Oh, hi Nanna Susu!" enthusiastically as she walked in the door.

We're operating like zombies today and hopeful that tonight's sleep will be a little more restful. And we definitely don't need to eat any strawberries or peas in the immediate future... (too much?).