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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Parenting Stripes...

Grant and I earned some parenting stripes last night - the kind I hope not to have to see for quite some time again!

After retiring to bed early, we were awoken around 2:30ish by the pitter patter of little feet. Nothing different from any other night, as the badger has gotten quite accustomed to joining us at some point during the evening to command post on his spartan throw-pillow-and-hardwood-floor sleeping arrangement we've created next to my side of the bed.

He came in and immediately asked me for "more beebee", which meant that he had brought one, but wanted both pacifiers that he sleeps with every night. I grumbled that he could go back to his room and get the other one, so he quickly jumped off and headed back down the hallway. A few minutes later, he re-emerged empty handed, still requesting the other binky so I begrudgingly got out of bed and fetched it for him. 

He was pretty wide awake by this time so I knew it would be awhile before he mellowed out enough to fall asleep so when I got back in bed, I threw a pillow over my ear to drown out his tossing and turning and binky tapping. An hour later, I turn over to see him standing next to the bed. Pretty annoyed at this point, I sternly said to him, "Hayes, go to sleep or you're going back to your room!", then quickly realized that the entire side of my bed was wet with a dark substance. I'll spare you too many of the details, but the poor kid had thrown up on the floor, then stood up to tell me and threw up again. I quickly picked him up and carried him to the toilet, where he finished his business. At this point, he was pretty upset (like mother, like son, apparently we both cry when we're throwing up!), but as soon as he was done, besides being up in arms that his pajamas were dirty, he was back to his old self, even trying to help Grant clean up the vomit in the bedroom!

I took over taking care of Hayes and trying to get him back to sleep in his bed (fat chance) while poor Grant stripped the sheets and disinfected as best he could. We learned that the linen closet could use some re-organizing when I heard Grant huffing and puffing that every fitted sheet he pulled out was for a queen bed, not a king, so he eventually settled on sleeping in the guest bedroom, where Hayes and I (and our shadow, Greta) joined him moments later. 

It must have been 3 hours later by the time we all finally fell back to sleep, after bouts of the hiccups, fears of vomit in the face and Hayes insistence that he needed the throw-up bucket (when he didn't really but who wanted to take that chance!), the 3 of us + feline snuggled into our little queen guest bed. I'm so thankful that his sickness was one and done as I know it could have been way way worse, but it was one of those nights (the first time Hayes has ever thrown up) that you feel like you'll remember forever and makes you grateful to have a parenting partner-in-crime (how do single parents do it?), while at the same time reminds you how helpless you feel when you're little one is sick.

Nanna Susu woke us all up when she got there this morning and quickly got to cleaning up the evidence from last night's debacle. And Hayes was back to his chipper self, springing out of bed saying "Oh, hi Nanna Susu!" enthusiastically as she walked in the door.

We're operating like zombies today and hopeful that tonight's sleep will be a little more restful. And we definitely don't need to eat any strawberries or peas in the immediate future... (too much?).

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