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Friday, June 21, 2013

A mini-milestone...

Yesterday was a bittersweet day for this 'ole mama. My little guy finished his first year of school. Now I know it's not "real" school - it consisted of a once a week, 2 hour parent and me class that either Nanna Susu or I would take him to, but it was still our first "school" experience, where Hayes had the same teacher and same classmates and followed a September-June school curriculum.

For the last day of school, Green Beginning brought in a bouncy house for the kids to play in. Hayes has always been intrigued, but a little apprehensive about bouncy houses. In theory, they look like fun (who doesn't like to bounce?!), but when faced with the prospect of having to enter the house solo (most bouncy houses don't welcome adult friends) to bounce around with usually louder rowdier strange kids, I can't say I blame him for hesitating!

Yesterday was perfect though; just Hayes and his ladies, having a ball, as you can see from the pictures and video below...

(that's Sophie on the left hand side)

Here's another shot of Hayes lunching with the ladies on the first day of school vs. the last day of school. Besides obviously needing a haircut, look how much our little guy has grown over the past year. He went from unsure and shy to confidently entertaining his harem over a leisurely lunch!

One other thing I have to share... Hayes and his friend, Sophie (the hottest babe in the class, duh!) have taken a strange liking to each other. They're like magnets, not leaving each others' sides from the moment they get to school, constantly talking about each other (particularly Sophie asking about Hayes whereabouts when he's not there). At one point during class yesterday, Sophie's mom and I noticed they were sitting next to each other at the table, Hayes absentmindedly stroking Sophie's back up and down. I die.

We have a fun weekend on tap, heading to dinner tonight at a place called Eveleigh with some friends and hosting our first Summer Saturday tomorrow at the Kibbutz. In the spirit of the first weekend of the new season, the theme is 'Endless Summer', complete with fish tacos, pork mini sliders, fruit salad and s'mores. I'm looking forward to my one Wailua Wheat, my absolute favorite beer, which couldn't scream summer any more.

Hope y'all have a good weekend!


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