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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some Solid Advice...

Since becoming pregnant with the Peanut, I have to admit, there have been moments where I find myself absolutely terrified about what's to come. I know millions of parents have more babies and handle two, three, four (and anything beyond that, you're certifiably insane IMHO) kids at a time but in those trying moments where Hayes isn't being his usual angelic self (ha!), I panic about what it's going to be like when there are two little monsters running around.

I read this article a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Every point was spot on - I tried to pick out my favorites and I can't; that's how much I agree with what this woman says. And I'm feeling this way after only 2 years of parenting. I can only imagine how true this advice rings when you're a seasoned parent who has gone through all of the more difficult times.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Parenting is the hardest, but best job you'll ever have. There is no time off. There's no financial reward for a job well done. There are a million things that will get on your nerves on a daily basis - routine chores and tasks that are essential to keeping another human being well fed, rested and, well... alive. There are moments where you'll ask yourself, "Is this what I really want? And I want to go through this again?!" and wish you were your carefree friends who were out day drinking, or leisurely shopping at the mall, or able to run to the grocery store to pick up some milk without it being a 30 minute ordeal.

But then there are those times that you're reminded of the special club you've been granted access to. When your kid falls down and the only thing that'll make him stop crying is a "magic" kiss from mama. When they do something so seemingly small like going to bed on their own, that makes you beam with pride at the huge accomplishment that just occurred. When they grab your hand in a parking lot and you realize that the constant nagging and repeating is actually going somewhere. I could go on and on but the jist is that even through all of those trying moments, the joy of being a parent can't be matched by anything else. It truly is the.best.

So I remind myself of that when I feel like I'm starting to panic about #2. I'll continue to remind myself of that when we're in the throes of life with a newborn and a toddler, repeating my favorite advice over and over again, "This too shall pass" and trying to enjoy every crazy, hectic, sleep-deprived moment. Wish me luck!

I've finally uploaded the last three months of photos onto our shutterfly gallery, which can be found through the link below:


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