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Thursday, July 18, 2013

2 days and counting...

...until we FINALLY get to find out whether Peanut is going to be a he or a she!! 

In true Granel fashion, we couldn't find out without some sort of accompanying hoopla and in the spirit of fairness, since we found out Hayes was a boy in a similar fashion, we decided to do it again, albeit in a slightly different way.

In all reality, the main reason why we're doing another party to find out the unborn's gender is because it was our way of compromising... Grant's preference would be to not find out until the baby is born; I can't bear to think of waiting another 4 months. So I'm stealing Grant's potential last chance at life's ultimate surprise and have convinced him that it's still a surprise no matter what and that this'll be a fun and festive way to share the news with our friends and family. 

To refresh your memory, here's what Hayzey's gender reveal looked like:

This time, we're going the balloon route, filling a huge decorated box (we spent some time painting last weekend when we were on lock-down) with helium pinks or blues, which Hayes will reveal when he opens up the top. It was important to us to include him and thought this would be fun, nevermind the photo opps ;-)

Everyone will be coming dressed in pink or blue hues, depending on what they think Baby C will be. There will be a betting pool (last time, it got up to $180!) and themed out food, courtesy of Grant's mom, who really should consider starting her own catering company.

On the menu?:

To represent the 50% chance that it's another boy:

...Hot & Spicy wings, accompanied by carrots and celery and a "blue" cheese dip
...Wienies in a blanket (c'mon, couldn't resist!)
...Pulled pork sliders - the ultimate manly bar food

To represent the 50% chance that we'll be evening things out with a girl:

...Peaches & Cream - a bruschetta consisting of burrata, grilled peaches and basil
...Sweet Shrimp - grilled lime prawns with a sweet papaya ginger dipping sauce
...Baby bell peppers, stuffed with chopped tomatoes, feta and cucumbers

Finish that off with some homemade mini cupcakes adorned with pink and blue frosting, courtesy of my friend Anna and you've got the perfect array of gender specific small bites to nosh on. 

I, for one, will be donning an outfit that consists of blue hues, although the majority of people I've polled so far have a hunch that it'll be a she (including Grant, who won't even consider boy names at this point!) so I think there will be a whole lotta pink there as well. At any rate, I can't wait to find out if Hayzey will be a beeg broda to a guy or gal! Between the plethora of Grant's family who'll be in attendance (local aunts and uncles, as well as cousins, sisters and grandparents who have traveled from afar) and our enthusiastic friends, it's bound to be a fun weekend ;-)

Will it be another round of snips, snails and puppy dog tails, or will we even things out with some sugar, spice and everything nice?

What do you readers think?? 


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