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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sayonara Diapers!

Big weekend around the Kibbutz... we started the process of saying sayonara to those pesky diapers and learning how to use the potty!

After 3 days at home with a pantsless 2.5 year old, I was definitely going a little stir crazy. I shudder to think how many times I asked Hayes if he had to go to the bathroom...if he was sure he didn't have to go to the bathroom...to remember to tell mommy if he had to go to the bathroom... Frankly, I was beginning to annoy myself!

Overall, the weekend was a pretty good success! I definitely went into it with little expectations, but hoped that after 3 days of a bootcamp-style potty learning process, he would be fully trained. It's quite evident that it's going to take a bit longer than 3 days for it to fully kick in, but we're on the right track and we're not looking back!

We've been talking about it for weeks, and it helped that he just spent a chunk of time with his cousin, Hank, who he looks up to and who has recently graduated from diapers. Saturday morning, we let him open a present, filled with jars of m&ms, lollipops, stickers and a brand spanking new potty. We also showed him a sticker chart I made that he would apply said stickers to when he had a success. 2 m&ms for a pee, 1 lollipop for a poo (it's amazing what this kid will do for candy) and a sticker on the chart for each.

By naptime on Saturday, he'd already gone in the potty 6 times (I'll spare you the dirty specifics but it was encouraging). It definitely slowed down on Sunday and Monday but he seemed to get it. We spent the majority of the weekend outside so accidents were no big deal (I'm sure that's not recommended by the potty training experts but from a selfish perspective, I didn't care if it meant that our furniture was spared!). We've slowly tried introducing underwear with a little bit of success and a little bit of failure, but c'est la vie, he'll catch on soon enough.
How we spent the weekend, porky pigging it around the backyard and basking in the summer heat...
Our big boy went to camp at school today all on his own and although he had one accident, he also used the big potty, which we're incredibly proud of. 

Crazy how a simple thing like taking away diapers can make your baby seem like such a big kid... sigh!
It helps that we now get to look at this cute little tushy, adorned in the most adorable underoos.
Go Hayes!

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