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Monday, August 26, 2013

Two and a half today!

I've never been much into celebrating half birthdays (shocker, considering how festive we are about absolutely every other holiday there ever was!) but when you've only been on this earth for 2 and a half short years, I think it's worth acknowledging, so Happy 2 1/2 year Birthday Hayzey!

We're so lucky to have been blessed with an easy-going, mellow kid like Hayes. Honestly, besides a few short phases, most of which were related to lack of sleep, we've seen very little of those wretched 'Terrible Twos' and Hayes, for the most part, is an absolute joy to be around.

We are especially loving this age as he has really started to use his words to communicate and the stuff that has been coming out of his mouth is priceless. The kid has quite the imagination and watching him use it is so entertaining. He's also got the same sweet demeanor that has defined his personality since he was a baby - a super snuggly guy who really seems to possess empathy, which is unique for a kid so young. 

Here's a round-up of some of his favorites at age 2 1/2.

Favorite comfort item: His beloved binks. He has to sleep with three of them now - two have been chewed through and he mainly just holds onto them. We've told him that once the third one "breaks", that's it for the binkies...
Favorite friend: Ollie.
Favorite TV show: Max & Ruby was short-lived and is SO last week. This week, we're all about Team Umizoomi.
Favorite toy: His electric guitar.
Favorite non-baby item: The spray bottle.
Favorite activity at home: Coloring, playing with play dough, sweeping the mancave with Daddy, or anything he can be doing to "help" his parents out.
Favorite activity at the park: Chasing the jujus (that's Farsi baby-talk for birds)
Favorite sport: Still basketball. Everytime somebody sinks a shot, he'll yell "Good job!"
Favorite books: Chicken Soup with Rice or any of the Curious George books.
Favorite fruit: Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries.
Favorite food: Cheese - any kind, any consistency. Kid loves cheese!

While we're loving seeing him grow, I also wish we could bottle this moment in time up and keep it around forever ;-) Happy birthday boogs!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hayes the Gardener...

As Hayes gets older, it's fun to see what he picks up from what we consider everyday life. It is truly astonishing how much they are like little sponges at this age and also a little terrifying to see how much they're watching every.single.thing.

Hayes is absolutely fascinated by our gardener, Jose. On Friday mornings, Jose and his helper Henry come to do their work around our yard and Hayes spends a good hour running back and forth from the front window to the back door, just watching everything they're doing. I find myself looking forward to their arrival every week as they are essentially babysitters, allowing myself time for a quick shower or to catch up on some emails.

A few weeks ago, we noticed Hayes had started doing something new with his lawnmower and his car. After seeing Jose load up his car after finishing the work around the house, Hayes now thinks this is how a lawnmower should be transported.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Montrelolo Re-visited...

We've finally compiled all of the family photos from Montrelolo and I wanted to share them with y'all in case you were interested. They're up on our share site: https://aladysphotos.shutterfly.com/

Here are a couple other favorites from the trip that I haven't put on the 'ole blog yet:

Getting into trouble...

Manoir Hovey
The girls at my surprise baby shower tea ;-)

Thursday, August 8, 2013


...he calls all sports he sees on television - whether it be football, basketball, baseball - "Go Canes!". Guess we know which team he's rooting for!
...Yo Gabba Gabba is out. Max & Ruby is in.
Frequently when he's watching Max & Ruby, which is a cartoon about a pair of bunny siblings - the older sister Ruby constantly dealing with her little brother Max's shenanigans, he'll exclaim, "What is Max doing?!?!"
...when he wants to get down from wherever he is - your arms, his high chair, etc... - he says "Hayes go downhill!"
...yesterday, we passed by a large billboard for an animated movie. He asked what it was and I told him that it was an ad for a cartoon you go and see in the movie theater. I said, "Maybe one day we could go to the movies", to which he responded, "And eat popcorn. Ya... that would be fun!" Where the hell did that come from?!
...he loves to "drive" my car and every time we pull into the driveway, he says to me, "Hayes honk one time?", as he knows it's the only way we'll let him into the front seat.
...every morning for the past week, he'll come into our room as soon as he wakes up and without saying a word, he comes around to my side of the bed and climbs in for a snuggle. He'll stay there until I get up for work, usually about half an hour, no TV on, not sleeping, but staring at the ceiling and getting cozy. When I tell him I have to get up to get dressed, he asks, "Mama lie down two more minutes?". Bliss!
...everything needs to come with a  "two more minutes" warning, instituted by Hayes.
...he's taken a big interest in the guitar, as of late; I think it's because his teacher at school (where he currently goes to summer camp) plays the guitar and sings for them every day. He'll pick his electric guitar up and sing to his heart's content. I'm thinking baby brother might get him a brand spanking new one when he comes to live with us in November ;-)
...every morning when he says goodbye to Grant and me, he gives us a big hug and kiss, pushes the button to unlock our cars and says, "Drive carefully!"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This weekend, the huz whisked me away (okay, maybe not whisked me, I knew it was coming and the damn planner in me had ruined the surprise months ago...) to San Jose del Cabo for 3 days and 3 nights of the ultimate relaxation in preparation for baby numero dos. 

It was heavenly. Truly, an amazing weekend filled with lots of relaxation, delicious meals, some serious time logged by the pool and most importantly, quality time logged with each other. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think it's so important to get away from everything every once in awhile (including your kiddos - no matter how much you love them, a break is very necessary now and then) to reconnect with your sig o and remind each other of the relationship that began the foundation of your lives.

Grant and I have very similar views on what a good vacation should entail so we very easily slip into vacation mode with each other, where the most important dilemmas become when we'll be able to fit in a game of Gin Rummy and whether we should have gelato or fruity island drinks for our afternoon snack (the fruity island drinks won out... when in Rome!). 

We've gone to Cabo basically every year since we moved to LA 10 years ago. It's a quick two hour flight so a long weekend is totally doable. Weather is almost always perfect and since we've become regulars of sorts, we know where we like to eat and what's worth skipping. This weekend, perhaps a reflection of how old we're becoming, we didn't even venture into Cabo San Lucas, opting instead to stay at a lovely resort called Cabo Azul up in San Jose del Cabo. Cabo Azul is an all-suite hotel, so every villa is spacious and includes a full kitchen and sitting room (ironically a perfect place to bring children!). It's fairly new and decked out in dark wood decor, lots of intricate detail to the lighting, fixtures, canopies over the bed - that sort of thing. It has three connecting infiniti pools overlooking the beach and the service was impeccable. We'll definitely be returning!

An example of the lighting at Javiers, which can be seen throughout the resort...
While most of our vacation was spent relaxing poolside, we did manage to sneak away into town one rainy morning (which was adorable - very reminiscent of St. Augustine in Florida) and also spent a leisurely hour at the spa getting a couples massage. The food at the resort was delicious (Javiers - the same one that's in Newport Beach - is their onsite restaurant), but expensive. For more casual lunches, there were lots of options in San Jose del Cabo (we enjoyed a private lunch a deux at a little cafe called Lolita's with the most delicious fresh sandwiches) and directly across the hotel is a little strip of restaurants where you can get yummy fish tacos and casual Mexican food for a more affordable price. The other two nights, we dined at Flora Farms (a favorite restaurant ever, not just in Cabo) and the nicer version of Nick-San in Palmilla (a sushi joint we've been going to for years in Cabo San Lucas).

25 weeks...
Our main objective for the weekend, besides the obvious relaxing and reconnecting, was to come away with a name for Peanut, which sadly we didn't do - but we've got a short list and are a lot closer than we were. Turns out bestowing names on two little guys is a tough job!

We were happy to be home last night as we missed Hayzey terribly, but know he was in excellent hands with Nini and Pa. I think they would have been happy had we extended our trip a few days ;-)

We've got a busy month ahead, filled with a bunch of local plans - birthdays, weddings, childhood friends in town and our last Summer Saturday at the end of the month. I still can't believe Summer is already more than halfway over - where has the time gone?!

Oh and happy birthday to my littlest nephew, Gussy Goose, who turns the big 1 today! We love you!