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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hayes the Gardener...

As Hayes gets older, it's fun to see what he picks up from what we consider everyday life. It is truly astonishing how much they are like little sponges at this age and also a little terrifying to see how much they're watching every.single.thing.

Hayes is absolutely fascinated by our gardener, Jose. On Friday mornings, Jose and his helper Henry come to do their work around our yard and Hayes spends a good hour running back and forth from the front window to the back door, just watching everything they're doing. I find myself looking forward to their arrival every week as they are essentially babysitters, allowing myself time for a quick shower or to catch up on some emails.

A few weeks ago, we noticed Hayes had started doing something new with his lawnmower and his car. After seeing Jose load up his car after finishing the work around the house, Hayes now thinks this is how a lawnmower should be transported.


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