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Monday, August 26, 2013

Two and a half today!

I've never been much into celebrating half birthdays (shocker, considering how festive we are about absolutely every other holiday there ever was!) but when you've only been on this earth for 2 and a half short years, I think it's worth acknowledging, so Happy 2 1/2 year Birthday Hayzey!

We're so lucky to have been blessed with an easy-going, mellow kid like Hayes. Honestly, besides a few short phases, most of which were related to lack of sleep, we've seen very little of those wretched 'Terrible Twos' and Hayes, for the most part, is an absolute joy to be around.

We are especially loving this age as he has really started to use his words to communicate and the stuff that has been coming out of his mouth is priceless. The kid has quite the imagination and watching him use it is so entertaining. He's also got the same sweet demeanor that has defined his personality since he was a baby - a super snuggly guy who really seems to possess empathy, which is unique for a kid so young. 

Here's a round-up of some of his favorites at age 2 1/2.

Favorite comfort item: His beloved binks. He has to sleep with three of them now - two have been chewed through and he mainly just holds onto them. We've told him that once the third one "breaks", that's it for the binkies...
Favorite friend: Ollie.
Favorite TV show: Max & Ruby was short-lived and is SO last week. This week, we're all about Team Umizoomi.
Favorite toy: His electric guitar.
Favorite non-baby item: The spray bottle.
Favorite activity at home: Coloring, playing with play dough, sweeping the mancave with Daddy, or anything he can be doing to "help" his parents out.
Favorite activity at the park: Chasing the jujus (that's Farsi baby-talk for birds)
Favorite sport: Still basketball. Everytime somebody sinks a shot, he'll yell "Good job!"
Favorite books: Chicken Soup with Rice or any of the Curious George books.
Favorite fruit: Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries.
Favorite food: Cheese - any kind, any consistency. Kid loves cheese!

While we're loving seeing him grow, I also wish we could bottle this moment in time up and keep it around forever ;-) Happy birthday boogs!

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