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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Boy!

Our big guy started his first day of school today - he is officially a Polar Bear at Green Beginning Community Preschool and will attend Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12 every week. 

Mom and Dad definitely felt a little nostalgic this morning when we dropped him off. We both kept saying, "where has the time gone?", although I think it was even harder for Hayes' old man as he hadn't gotten accustomed to the summer camp drop-off like I had.

Hayes was a little apprehensive to go back to school. He's become quite the homebody as of late, preferring to stay home when we want to go places and insisting on wearing his "jammies" whenever he can. I'm hoping that getting back into a regular schedule will be good for his reluctancy to partake in social activities.  Anyways, he was on the verge of tears this morning when we left him (it didn't help that there were kids who had been dropped off crying all over the place - totally normal for this transitional period though) and that always sucks, but I know he'll do just fine (his teacher already texted me this morning and told me he was doing great so far - phew!). The whole situation made him seem like such a big boy though. Really, where has the time gone?!

And speaking of big boys, we had his 2.5 year appointment last Friday. He's weighing in at 33 lbs these days and measures 36.75 inches. The doctor was very impressed with him and kept saying how smart he was, especially after he answered a set of questions and she mentioned that you usually don't expect to hear those types of responses until they're closer to three (things like classifying into larger groups - "toys" vs. "cars", etc...). So that's always nice to hear!

In other news, I had my 32 week check-up this morning and we got to take a peak into see Deuce. We confirmed that he is, in fact a he (Grant still had some doubt) and I was also told that I had been going off of the incorrect due date this whole time - doctor actually has him due on 11/08/13 vs. 11/12/13! So it doesn't change much since we all know babies like to arrive on their own agenda, but those extra 4 days and the fact that I'm now less than 2 months out according to calendar date make it seem all the more real!

Here are a couple of pics of little Deuce. It's hard to tell in the printed out versions, but in the top one, you can actually see his eyelashes! 
Side profile, with his hand in front of his face, looking like he's snoozing away!
He's also estimated to weigh about 4 lbs right now (his brother was estimated to weigh about 3.5 lbs at this point during my last pregnancy) - but I've come to realize that doctors don't really know what they're talking about when they estimate pre-birth weight so take that with a grain of salt.

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