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Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Loves...

It's been awhile since I've done a Loves list... Here's what's currently peaking my interest:

 Having another boy means that our lives have been made much easier in the ways and means of what we have to buy. Between Hayes and his cousins, Deuce has enough hand-me-downs that he can rival Skyler Berman in the wardrobe department (although it's filled with more Baby Gap and less Gucci...). But a new baby means a new nursery, so mama's been having fun getting that all prepped. We've gone with a grey and yellow theme, with elephant accents. I can't bring myself to spend the money on one of these large elephant paper mache heads from RH Baby & Child, but aren't they awesome? 

Although our house is small, I remember it being quite annoying when I was nursing Hayes to have to remember to bring my #1 nursing companion, my beloved boppy, from the front family room to our bedroom in the back. So with the impending arrival of #2, I've purchased another boppy, which I intend to cover with this adorable slipcover I found on etsy.

I've been on the serious hunt for some cute moccasins to wear this Fall. I want the classic suede with beading, but in a neutral tone - none of those loud red, white and blue beads you tend to find on the traditional Minnetonkas. This collaboration between Wren and Minnetonka seem like the perfect answer. If only they had them in a 9...

When Hayes was born, I bought myself the classic new-mom initial necklace that consisted of a rose gold disc with a smaller silver one imprinted with the letter 'H' hanging from the same chain. I still wear it all the time, so much so that Hayes now knows it as my "special Hayes necklace". Deuce is going to have to get some love too though, so once we decide on the name, I hope to get one of these adorable layered necklaces that'll honor both my little guys.

 The mid-70s temps have started to make it seem a little more like Fall around here this week and Hayes and I are going to whip up a batch of this yummy sounding pumpkin banana bread this weekend. Slathered with a generous layer of cream cheese, it'll go perfectly with an afternoon cup of tea ;-)

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