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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer 2013

We've had a busy summer around here, filled with a couple of trips, summer camp, completing major milestones (hello, potty training!) and getting organized for Deuce's arrival.

While I will most likely remember this summer as one where I felt like crap for the majority of the time (my nausea from being pregnant lasted well into June and my body screamed for afternoon naps whenever I was able), I hope I'll also look back on it with fond memories of our last summer as a family of three.

Our worlds are about to be rocked - Hayes' in particular - and I struggle with that every day, but know in the long run that a baby brother is the best gift I can give to my little guy. It'll be an adjustment for sure, but I, like I'm sure most parents do, hope that they'll grow up being best buds.

While we're excited to welcome the newest member of the fam in 10 short weeks, I do hope the weeks aren't too short and that time slows down a bit so we can enjoy life as we know it before the hurricane that is life-with-a-newborn blows through town.

Here are all of the snaps we took this summer (link below picture):
And with that, let's officially welcome Fall!


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