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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Festivities

We've been busy busy this week with various Halloween festivities. Hayzey's school had their annual Fall Festival last Saturday and my office had it's annual Halloween party yesterday. It's much more exciting this year as Hayes seems to grasp what the holiday is all about - and what kid doesn't love an excuse to stuff his pie hole full of candy and treats?!

We decided to go with a monster theme this year, thanks to our friends Max & Ruby. Hayzey's favorite Max & Ruby episode centers around Ruby having the hiccups. After going through various remedies to cure said hiccups, the thing that finally ends up working is when Max dresses up like a monster and scares them out of her. Hayes loves anything Max does, so naturally, he loves to also dress up like a monster (which entails a blanket thrown over his head as he yells "MONSTER! MONSTER!" - see video below) - so when trying to come up with something for him to be for Halloween, off to etsy I went to order to cutest monster costume I could find.

He was a little apprehensive to put the monster hood over his head, but quickly learned that no hood meant no candy, so on it went!

Monster and nerdy monster.com web developer...
Astronaut monster playing guitar (duh!).
We didn't capture any shots of him at my office party yesterday, but he had a grand old time on the trick or treating parade (he politely selected just one candy from each of the bowls along the route), decorated lots of Halloween cookies, rode the train down Main Street and bounced to his heart's content in the bouncy castle.

Sadly, the poor chap woke up with a case of croup this morning - not sure where he picked it up from but I suppose a sickness was bound to come out of all the time spent with so many kiddos. He seems to be in good spirits (besides sounding like a barking seal), but Grant and I are a little concerned that Deuce might decide to show up early - and the last thing you want around a newborn is a toddler with croup (not to mention the last way you want to have to introduce big brother to little brother is with him having to wear a SARS mask!). So we're hoping Deuce stays put for another week or so (I'm due next Friday) so we can get over this sickness and all be in good health.

Here are some other snaps of the past week or so, including our field trip to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch and life around here...

Brave boy tackled the slide on his own this year...
...and loved every minute!
Hayes and his friend, Luca...
He rode Elvis, the horse, insisting that I hold his hand the entire time. He wasn't too stoked when I abandoned him to take a picture, hence the "what the hell, Mom?!" look on his face!
We've got the baby equipment out and are all prepped for Deuce. Hayes still doesn't understand he outgrew that swing a long time ago...
But although he's acting like a baby in some regards, our big boy got his first lesson in how to shave your face by his brave dad...
We got another haircut (turns out a short 'do requires much more maintenance than a long one!)... he wasn't too thrilled about it, and neither was the bitchy hair stylist we got stuck with!
We're all ready for actual Halloween around here, even though we aren't anticipating any trick-or-treaters in our strangely Jewish neighborhood. But we've carved our pumpkins, roasted our seeds and as long as the boy is feeling up to it, plan on venturing to a trick-or-treating friendly neighborhood tomorrow evening to partake in a final round of candy hoarding!
Happy Halloween 2013 - our last as a family of 3!
Hope you're all staying healthy - go on and get your flu shots now!!


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