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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Life around here lately...

Life's gotten pretty busy around here lately - we've looked up and realized that we're less than a month away from Deuce's arrival, which is both an exciting and terrifying prospect! In a short month, we'll be immersed back into the madness of a newborn, juggling feedings, diaper changes and 24/7 care for a helpless little being with the hectic and chaotic life we've come to know with a toddler.

I tend to look back on the newborn period and just remember feeling overwhelmed, especially in the first few weeks. I'm hoping that people are right and that although two kids is a life-changer, it's also easier the second time around, a) because you know what you're doing and b) because you don't have enough time or energy to worry about every.single.thing that is happening. Hayes was an easy babe for the most part and I'm really hoping his brother follows suit.

Hayzey's getting excited to fulfill his new role as big brother. We keep telling him that after Halloween, baby brother will be here so I'm hoping he stays put until then! He's very interested in everything baby - the crib, the old (well, new to him) baby toys we've started taking out, things that he can do that baby brother can't (we've made a very big deal out of this - baby brother can't go to a movie! Baby brother can't eat lollipops! Baby brother can't wear underwear!). He's also told us that he's going to give his beloved binkies to baby brother when he gets here - I'll believe it when I see it, but it's a nice idea!

 Getting ready for baby brother by babysitting Baby Ryder...

Hayes doesn't realize he outgrew 3-6 month clothing a LONG time ago!
My sister-in-law asked me today if I had any funny Hayes stories from this week and after coming up blank, I reasoned that there are so many, most of which we probably don't appreciate as much as we should since we're around him all the time, that every time he opens his mouth, something funny comes out. It truly is a great stage he's in - he's using his imagination and surprising us with things we never would expect from him. He's also been extra snuggly as of late, treating his old mom to lots of morning cuddles and "knock-you-over kisses" - sometimes I think he's more aware of the changes that are coming than we give him credit for and that's why he's relishing in a couple minutes of extra shut-eye in the morning or one-on-one time with mom and dad. I hope my little guy has an easy transition with this big change - it's honestly my biggest worry about what's to come, which I think is good. It's something I can be aware of and make sure his needs are addressed as much as the baby's.
Hayes has been really into wearing a swim cap lately, which he calls his yellow hat - just not necessarily to swim!
What else...? Trying to button things up at work so whoever the poor soul who takes over for me while I'm out has some sort of an idea of what to do. Grant's in the midst trying to determine what he's doing with his job and hoping to figure that out soon so he's not in the strange state of limbo he's been in for most of the year. The guy who built our house is trying to convince us to sell since he thinks we can make a pretty penny on it right now so while we haven't put it on the market, we've been showing it to prospective buyers (why do moves always happen in conjunction with new babies?!). 

And when I'm not adding to the giant to do list in my head (finish the baby's nursery! sterilize bottles! set up the swing! call the alarm company! order Hayes' Halloween costume! probably should get on packing that hospital bag!), I'm trying to enjoy these last couple of weeks with a lonely only - taking advantage of the gorgeous SoCal October weather by going to the beach multiple days in a row, reading him a couple extra stories at bedtime, getting out of the house as much as we can, catching up on Fall TV now that it's finally back. November 8th will be here before we know it!

My boys playing football on a perfect October beach day...
This weekend, Auntie V and Thomas are coming to town so we're excited to visit with them. We don't have too many plans - Hayes has a birthday party to go to on Saturday, we're going to go to a cas dinner at a taqueria on Sat night and then planning a trip to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. I usually whip up a Canadian Friendsgiving feast every year but I just don't have the energy for it right now so I'm depending on my family, who'll all be in DC celebrating without me (tear!), to have an extra slice of pumpkin pie in my honor.

So much to be thankful for right now and so much more to come ;-)

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