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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend Recap and Big Boy Haircut

We had a great weekend, one that I think I'll always look fondly back on as one of our last as a family of three ;-)

We kicked off the weekend with an anniversary dinner at Angelini Osteria, our absolute favorite Italian resto (their lasagne is to.die.for). With pre and post dinner cocktails (well, mocktails for this 'ole prego) at Petty Cash and Picca, we really felt like youngin's out on the town for a Friday night!

Since our weekend schedules are determined by where and when the Canes are playing that week, we took it easy around the house on Saturday morning while Grant cheered on our team (who gave Savannah State an absolute ass-kicking, thankyouverymuch). The boy and I had a breakfast date at Starbucks and we spent halftime at the park. After our naps, we headed to West Hollywood to run some errands, which included the biggest news of the weekend: a big brother haircut for the boy!
The before...
The during... (side note, this is when I was almost in tears. After that first chop, there was no going back!)
Almost done! Happy boy!
I'm not gonna lie, I got a little teary when the hairdresser first put the shears up to Hayes' golden locks, but his hair had gotten out of control and it was time. I didn't want him to start being aware of people mistaking him for a girl and he had started to walk around with his head permanently angled to the side so he could see through his bangs. The hairdresser did a great job and we are thrilled with the results, although he does seem like such a big kid now - I swear, it's aged him 3 years!

Sunday was beautiful here in SoCal so we headed to the beach in the morning, then spent the afternoon preparing our anniversary feast. The boy helped me recreate our wedding cake (and gave a thumbs up on the cream cheese icing) and gave his parents a break by going to bed at a reasonable hour so we could enjoy dinner aux deux (a skipped nap might have helped a little too!).
Busy boy...
The feast!
Overall, it was a great weekend spent as a family of three before the madness arrives. Countdown is on - just a little over a month to go!

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