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Thursday, November 28, 2013

And baby makes four!

Fear not, we're still alive over here... We've just had our hands full (literally) over the past couple of weeks and unfortunately this ole blog has been a little neglected (hey, something had to be - and the fact that it isn't a breathing being is a positive in my eyes!).

Baby brother FINALLY decided to grace us with his presence a mere couple of hours before I was scheduled to be induced, arriving after a speedy 4 hours and 15 minutes of labor at 2:46a on Friday, November 15th. A week overdue, he was being evicted bright and early that morning so upon the advice of my doctor, at around 9p Thursday evening, I popped a Benadryl in the hopes that it would make this nervous mama catch a couple of hours of shut-eye and climbed into bed around 10:30p. Lo and behold, contractions began shortly after and came on quickly and strongly so we headed to the hospital just after midnight. As we suspected, things escalated quickly after that and soon enough, it was go-time. I'm happy to report that it must have been one of the easiest labors ever experienced - Greyson Decker Cohen arrived, weighing in at a chunky 8 lbs, 11 oz (a whole pound bigger than his brother!) and 20 inches long. 
Welcoming the newest family member, Baby Grey...
This kid loves to sleep ;-)
One day old chunky monkey...
We've spent the last couple of weeks getting to know our new little man and spending time visiting with both sides of the family, whom we wouldn't have survived without. Hayes has embraced his role as big brother without skipping a beat, helping mama and daddy with everything and giving lots of kisses whenever he can get close enough. Of course, there have been a few incidents where Greyson has been used as a punching bag, or smothered by a muslin blanket, but overall, the transition has been about as smooth as we could have hoped for - and fingers crossed it stays that way! 

Here are some snaps from over the past couple of weeks. I cannot get enough of these guys...
Hayes teaching Grey the importance of the binky...
Snuggles with Daddy...
And Mama...
Hurricane Pride...
"No hands in mouth!"...
We're all pooped, but the little man is worth it ;-)
We decided not to make the annual trek up to Angel's Camp this year for Thanksgiving as the thought of a 7+ hour car drive with a toddler and a newborn seemed a little too daunting, so we're laying low in LA this weekend and enjoying our meal with the Cohen side of the family, who have generously taken us Thanksgiving orphans in for the holidays. It's been nice to spend some time together as our new family of four (although we're missing the Dake side of the family tremendously) and Grant and I are slowly figuring out how to share duties and juggle both kids, while attempting to catch a couple hours of zzz's at the same time (not an easy feat!).

I have so very much to be thankful for this year. Two healthy and happy boys, an amazing husband, incredibly supportive families, a top-knotch nanny and a flexible job that I love, along with a boss who has become a dear friend over the past decade of working together. I truly am a lucky girl and while Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what makes you thankful, I am aware of my good fortune on a daily basis. 

I have lots more to blog about, and promise to do so on a more regular basis over the next couple of weeks. But for now, I'm signing off to go spend the rest of the afternoon with my little family. 
Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving - and let the countdown to Christmas begin!


Sunday, November 10, 2013


...he doesn't seem to understand how to say words that start with 's' and are followed by a consonant. So 'snuggle' is 'nuggle', 'smell' is 'mell', 'slinky' is 'ninky' - you get the gist.
...he loves to serve you from his restaurant. He'll give you a cup and yell, "there's your coffee, sir!". His favorite game to play is when you pretend that the drink he has served you is something else, making a big deal out of spitting it out and saying, "that's not coffee, that's tea!". Gets a chuckle every.single.time.
...he loves to naked flop on our bed. He'll throw himself into our pillows on the bed as hard as he can in his full birthday suit. Sometimes, promises of naked flops are the only thing that'll get him into the bathtub at night.
...he'll sporadically ask you, "mama, how was your day?" multiple times throughout the day, even first thing in the morning when we're enjoying breakfast and the day hasn't started.
...when we walk past cars that are parked in a funny way (for instance in our neighborhood, there's such limited parking that lots of people park their cars parallel to the sidewalk on the part of the driveway between the sidewalk and the street - it's illegal and results in a hefty fine - which we've unfortunately received - but people still do it), he'll get a silly grin on his face and say "mama, what is that car dooooing?!?!".
...he's taken to covering up his toys every day so "Greta Faye no eat it". We think this is a result of a mishap that happened at the beach a few weeks ago when the birds ate our picnic. Not sure why Greta is getting accused of being the kind of cat who would eat a plastic truck, but it actually entices Hayes to clean up his toys so we're not complaining.
...every time my belly hurts (there's a lot of random pains and twinges you experience at 40+ weeks pregnant), he'll run over to me, lift up my shirt and say, "I give your belly kisses, mama". The sweetest.

And yes, speaking of that, I'm still prego. 40 weeks and 2 days today and Deuce is still snug as a bug in there. Had a doctor appointment on Friday and things are progressing - have felt some cramping and pains since then but still no sign of baby. We're all starting to get a little anxious around here and are hoping he shows his face before my scheduled induction on Friday the 15th. 
C'mon Deuce, we're ready for ya!