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Sunday, November 10, 2013


...he doesn't seem to understand how to say words that start with 's' and are followed by a consonant. So 'snuggle' is 'nuggle', 'smell' is 'mell', 'slinky' is 'ninky' - you get the gist.
...he loves to serve you from his restaurant. He'll give you a cup and yell, "there's your coffee, sir!". His favorite game to play is when you pretend that the drink he has served you is something else, making a big deal out of spitting it out and saying, "that's not coffee, that's tea!". Gets a chuckle every.single.time.
...he loves to naked flop on our bed. He'll throw himself into our pillows on the bed as hard as he can in his full birthday suit. Sometimes, promises of naked flops are the only thing that'll get him into the bathtub at night.
...he'll sporadically ask you, "mama, how was your day?" multiple times throughout the day, even first thing in the morning when we're enjoying breakfast and the day hasn't started.
...when we walk past cars that are parked in a funny way (for instance in our neighborhood, there's such limited parking that lots of people park their cars parallel to the sidewalk on the part of the driveway between the sidewalk and the street - it's illegal and results in a hefty fine - which we've unfortunately received - but people still do it), he'll get a silly grin on his face and say "mama, what is that car dooooing?!?!".
...he's taken to covering up his toys every day so "Greta Faye no eat it". We think this is a result of a mishap that happened at the beach a few weeks ago when the birds ate our picnic. Not sure why Greta is getting accused of being the kind of cat who would eat a plastic truck, but it actually entices Hayes to clean up his toys so we're not complaining.
...every time my belly hurts (there's a lot of random pains and twinges you experience at 40+ weeks pregnant), he'll run over to me, lift up my shirt and say, "I give your belly kisses, mama". The sweetest.

And yes, speaking of that, I'm still prego. 40 weeks and 2 days today and Deuce is still snug as a bug in there. Had a doctor appointment on Friday and things are progressing - have felt some cramping and pains since then but still no sign of baby. We're all starting to get a little anxious around here and are hoping he shows his face before my scheduled induction on Friday the 15th. 
C'mon Deuce, we're ready for ya!

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