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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bump Watch 2013

When I was pregnant with Hayes, the one thing I regret not doing more of was taking regular pictures of the growing bump. I think from start to finish, I had a total of about 5 bump pics - hard to really see the progression that way!

What I thought would be my last bump pic, on my due date, 11/08/13. Little did I know that Grey had plans to bake for another entire week!
I've done my best to do everything for Greyson that I did for Hayes - the same pregnancy journals, the same online baby book. It definitely feels like more of a chore the second time around, but I know I'll be thankful to have them to look back on when things aren't so crazy around here. The one thing I've actually done better with Grey than I did with Hayes was taking regular bump pics, thanks in part to this handy dandy app called CineMama

CineMama sends you reminders every couple of days to take pictures of your growing bump, then puts the whole progression of pictures into a cute video. It definitely made remembering to document this exciting time easier and I'm happy I have a reminder of what I looked like throughout my second pregnancy (and still can't believe an almost 9 lb baby was inside of me!).

I know it's a little late (little man is 7 weeks old today!) but wanted to share. Enjoy!

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