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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

We rang in the new year at a cocktail reception at Fig & Olive - it was the perfect scene for what we wanted, not too crowded, flowing cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, a place to sit and good music to dance to (not to mention good company!). The boys gave us a break when we got home, with Grey only waking once throughout the night, and Nini and Pa (and poor Auntie Wee Wee who slept on the couch that night) were on duty the next morning so we could catch a couple extra hours of shut-eye. Although it was low-key, it was one of my favorite new years as of late ;-)

As has become tradition on this ole blog, I wanted to reflect on my 2013 resolutions, as well as put some 2014 resolutions in writing in the hopes that it'll make them easier to stick to. 

My main resolution from last year was to be a little more selfish, taking time to do things for myself without feeling guilty about it. It sounds like an easy one, but it can sometimes be tough when you have a toddler and newborn to take care of. I think I successfully achieved a level of that though, napping every afternoon when I was pregnant (something I definitely don't feel bad about doing now that I'm a sleep deprived zombie!), taking pre-natal yoga classes and, after the baby arrived, managing to get away to get my nails done a few times and even treating myself to a blow-out, scalp massage and accompanying mimosa on New Years Eve. So, resolution accomplished and I'll happily continue incorporating a little bit of me-time in my life. 

I also resolved not to sweat the small stuff, to be more patient and slow down a little. I think I achieved this, maybe not so much by choice, but by realizing that if I didn't, I would literally go crazy raising a toddler. 2 year olds require a new level of patience and if you aren't willing to let some things go, pick your battles and have the patience of a saint, you'll spend your life basically freaking out about what's going on around you. So, check!

Finally, I wanted to drink more water. I need to work on that still. I don't need another kidney stone rearing it's ugly head!

For 2014, my main resolution is to be more in the moment. I find myself super distracted lately, always on facebook or instagram while life goes on around me. While I'm usually capturing the memories on these social networks, perhaps I should actually live the memories instead. It's not going to be an easy one - I'm kind of an addict - but I think it's important that our boys especially don't remember their childhood having mom and dad constantly with a phone in their hands. 

...Be more organized. 
...Play with the boys more - don't spend so much time in front of the TV (my favorite babysitter!) and encourage them to use their imaginations. Take time to be with each of the kids individually, doing fun, age-appropriate activities. 
...Make my quality time with Grant exactly that: quality time (touching on that whole in-the-moment-and-not-distracted-by-technology-thing!).

I'm looking forward to what 2014 has in store for us, excited to welcome a new brother-in-law to the family and happy knowing that since I won't be pregnant, I won't be battling nausea and other pregnancy ailments in my daily life (although 2013 was very good to us because we welcomed our new nugget, I think I'll look back and remember feeling like hell for most of it!).

Here's a final reflection of 2013 in reverse. 2014 has a lot to live up to!

I'll be posting lots of pics in the coming weeks of the last few months, as well as a bump watch retrospective that I put together for Greyson, so keep your eyes open!

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