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Thursday, February 20, 2014

3 months and 3 years!

The boys had their wellness appointments this week - 3 months for Greyson and 3 years for Hayes. And luckily, no shots for either, so it was relatively pleasant!

Hayes is weighing in at 34.6 lbs these days (50-75th percentile) and measuring 38 inches long (50th percentile). He charmed the doctor by telling her that he, too, was a doctor himself and helped himself to a pair of fresh new doctors' gloves to add to his kit. He wasn't so keen on peeing in a cup, so we've taken one home and will attempt to provide a sample next time I take Grey in. The only not so great part about Hayzey's check-up is that he didn't pass his hearing test, but the doctor didn't seem too worried and said it was probably due to him being congested and sick - 'tis the season! We'll re-test again in 6 months and keep an ear out (pun very much intended!) to see if he has any hearing issues in the meantime.

Greyson is weighing in at 15.5 lbs (75-90th percentile) and measuring 24.75 inches (75th percentile). Although he screamed his face off for the first half of the appointment, he then became his smiley self and exhibited some solid tummy time to show the doctor how strong he was. While to me, his head seems much flatter than Hayes' was and I'm sure a helmet is inevitable, the doctor says she actually thinks Hayes' head was worse and that if we up the ante on TT, we might be able to avoid the dreaded headwear. She also said that because he has almost doubled his birth weight, we can start thinking about sleep training Grey soon, which means we will be able to drop the 2am feeding he has become accustomed to. Hallelujah! This mama needs some sleep!

As promised, here are the pics from the last month (link below picture), which include our trip to Hawaii.

We have a very busy week coming up as the badger gears up for his third birthday on the 26th. Aunt V and Thomas are in town for the big birthday party this weekend (we have 20 kids and 30 adults descending onto the Kibbutz on Sunday - oy vey!) and we're taking Hayes to Disneyland for the first time on Monday as a special birthday treat (leaving Greyson at home with Nini so the day is really all about Hayes). GG and Pops are coming for a visit next week to finally meet their second great grandson (they missed his birth by mere hours back in November!) and in addition to celebrating Hayzey's actual birthday on Wednesday with a traditional family dinner at Factors Deli (where we went for brunch when I was in labor), Hayes also gets to be Earth Ranger at school next week, which means we get to bring a birthday snack and he gets to wear a cape to school and sit on the couch with the teachers for circle time.
Still can't believe my baby is turning three... where oh where has the time gone??

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