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Friday, February 14, 2014



...he is a seriously smiley guy. He has a hard time keeping a straight face if you look at him and when he smiles, he raises his eyebrows and has a twinkle in his eye, as if he's in on a joke that you're not a part of. His smile is truly contagious.
 ...we've also gotten some laughs around here, which are the.best. He seems to laugh at the same things that got Hayzey chuckling as a babe, silly repetitive phrases like "Petunia Picklebottom wears a purple pantsuit" or "Snow already?!?" said a hundred times in a row. Mom and Dad are glad we still have it ;-)
...he loves his tubby time, but HATES the few moments of discomfort when his tub is over and the cool air touches his wet body.
...he much prefers sleeping on his tummy vs. his back. Always has. I'm counting down the days until he's an expert at rolling over so he can start to sleep face down.
...speaking of rolling, we've got a roller over here! Last weekend, he put on quite the show for us, rolling from tummy to back 4-5 times in a row. I hate to compare, but his athletic feat at 11 weeks puts Hayzey's first time at 5 months to shame.
...his noggin is looking a little flat. I think another Doc Band is in our future ;-(


...he is obsessed with pretending to be a doctor. He's got the full scrubs and doctor's kit and is constantly adding items to his haul (note pads for prescriptions, rubber gloves, empty medicine vials). He even has a door hanger he puts on the door handle for when the doctor is in (even though it says he's at the beach...)

...when he comes home from being away from us, he gives us a big hug and says, "I missed you Mama!". melts.my.heart.
Wearing his "cowboy hat", magic ribbon and harmonica...
 ...he's repeating everything. You won't even be aware he's listening to the conversation until he mimics something that has been said. Dangerous.
...he's also ratting people out. He told us yesterday that Nanna Susu smoked cigarettes in front of him, on her balcony, with him outside. I forgot to buckle him into his carseat one time on our way home from the park (we made it about 50 feet down an alley before I remembered and stopped the car) and sure enough, the next day, Grant informs me that Hayes said the last time we went to the park, Mama forgot to buckle him in. The little snitch!
...when he's uncomfortable (ex/ he has to pee suddenly) or if something happens that shouldn't have happened (ex/ he drops his milk on his lap), his first reaction is to let out a loud "ERRRRRRRR!"
...we've been riding a rollercoaster when it comes to sleeping through the night since Grey was born. Some nights are great, some are terrible. The night after we got home from Hawaii, he spent from 1a onwards on the floor in our room, just like he did for months last year when I first found out I was pregnant. So we told him if he slept through the night in his own bed, he would get a prize in the morning. Now he gets a prize every.single.morning. And he reminds me that he'll be getting that prize before he goes to sleep!

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