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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Greyson Decker Cohen: Superstar!

I am way delayed in posting these pics but better late than never, right?! 
Newborns are only newborns for so long, so with both boys, I felt that it was really important to capture their newness with some professional pictures. Having Greyson so close to the holidays also meant that this would be a good opportunity to get some pics of the fam that we could use for the Christmas card - added bonus!

While I liked the company we used for Hayes' newborn pictures, the shots were very simple and plain and for Greyson, I was really hoping to find a photographer that was able to really capture the cuteness by using timeless props that would enhance the photos. I had a photographer I'd found online booked to come a week after he was due but when the due date came and went and I looked into rescheduling, she sadly informed me that she wasn't going to be in town for the rest of the month (it was Thanksgiving, after all!). 

Alas, it was a blessing in disguise, for if the original photographer hadn't been unavailable, I would never have found Diana Henderson (a referral from my friend, Lizzie), who was simply AMAZING and turned out to be everything I was looking for. Not only was I able to pick and choose props from an extensive collection (even down to the way the floor looked, people!), her package philosophy was no bullshit - we got to keep digital files of whatever she took (high res and low res - unheard of in the photography business), with a few retouched photos included (most of them not even needing to be retouched). This meant that we would be able to choose from over 300 photos that we now owned the rights to - the possibilities were frankly, overwhelming, but a good problem to have!

On top of the adorable props and great deal, Diana was the sweetest, with two young boys of her own. She was not only a baby whisperer, gently moving Greyson into whatever position we needed our baby model to be in, holding his limbs tight when he fussed and even bringing a space heater to keep his little bod warm, but she was incredible with Hayes as well, keeping him engaged and interested and hamming it up for the camera until the very end. 
We couldn't have been happier with how the photos turned out. Many of you saw a collection of them in Greyson's birth announcement/holiday card, but here are some of my other favorites, as well as a link to all of them on our shutterfly share site. We've gotten a few of them framed and will be hanging them at the house as soon as hubby's cast comes off.


 And probably my absolute favorite from the whole shoot:


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