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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another mouth to feed...

Big things happening around the Kibbutz lately... We officially have another mouth to feed as we started solids for Grey man last week. So far, we've sampled some rice cereal and sweet potatoes and plan on foraying into the world of peas next.

Up until last week, we hadn't really seen many signs of readiness from Greyson. He didn't seem all that interested and knowing the hassle of having to prepare and serve the food once we started it, I wasn't all that eager to start. But then all of a sudden, he started reaching for our food when we were eating and perhaps the most telling sign of all, he started smacking his lips together when he observed us dining or when it was close to the time he was usually fed, which I took as a very obvious sign that the boy was hungry and it was time for some food!

I wasn't expecting the food to help with the sleeping at night quite yet - I remembered with Hayes that it wasn't until we could start incorporating protein into the mix that he started sleeping through the night. And I hate to even talk about it for fear of jinxing things, but ever since we started giving Grey some real food, his sleeping has changed dramatically for the better. This could also be a mere coincidence as we've upped the ounces of milk we're giving him throughout the day and he's finally getting over a nasty cold he's had for the better part of a month, but whatever it is, you won't hear me complaining! Now if only we could get that 3 year old to sleep in a little more...

I wanted to post some pics and videos of both boys' first experience with the good stuff. 
Being that Grant and my worlds pretty much revolve around food, it was a pretty important moment that needed to be captured! 
Both were a couple days shy of 5 months when they started their foodie adventures:


Okay guys, I'm ready!
The big moment...


Not bad... what else ya got for me?

I love how Hayzey's video is long and leisurely and Greyson's is appropriately hectic - things have to be captured a lot quicker these days as the boys battle for the attention!

Here are Greyson's 5 month photos (click on 'Enjoy')and a snap of Hayes when he was the same age:

Hayzey at 5 months
 As you can see, Greyson has kept his dark locks, whereas by this time with Hayes, he'd lost most of his hair and it was growing back in blonde. They definitely have their own unique look, but I personally think they're both cute as the dickens ;-)

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