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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Isms and 4 month/3 year Photos!


...after 3 years, he's finally embraced the lovey I've been pushing on him, a small spotted dog named Fred. Fred is the ONLY thing allowed in bed with him at night. He sleeps with him draped over his neck like a scarf. Greyson is NOT allowed to touch Fred either, which I saw Hayes not so subtly remind him yesterday as he yanked it out of Grey's unsuspecting hands. 

 (came across this video of Pa and Hayzey when he was Greyson's age, avec Fred)

...at night, before Hayes goes to bed, he tells me he wants to talk about the day and says "what was your favorite?", meaning what was my favorite part of the day? I love this. I'll tell him mine and ask him his - frankly, that conversation right there might be my favorite part of the day.
...he's very concerned about when the day is going to be over. He's always been fascinated about whether the sun is out and when the moon will be here, but lately he'll start asking me at around noon if the day is almost over and is visibly relieved when I tell him no.
...he is pretty obsessed with Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse on Disney Jr. He gets so excited for the hot dog dance at the end of the show that we can only allow him to watch it when Greyson is awake, otherwise his enthusiastic stomping shakes the whole house. In the show, there's a little flying tool called Toodles who swoops in and helps the characters solve problems. Whenever Hayes encounters a challenge in his day, he puts his hands to his mouth and yells "Oh Toodles!", as if he's going to magically fly down and help him out.

...he's very PC. If you ask him if he likes someone more than someone else, he responds by saying, "I like them all".
...best trick yet: when I tell him, "You're my boy, Hayes", he responds with "You're my girl, Mama". melts.my.heart


...his nails are like talons. They grow like a werewolf with sharp pointy corners, no matter what I do to round them out when I cut them. I think I'm going to remember his infancy with the constant fear of him taking the skin off of my chest.
...he HATES having his nose picked. He dodges the finger heading towards his nose like a caged fighter, turning his head left and right and doing everything he can to block the access. This has been especially fun since he's had a cold all week so not only am I constantly trying to clear his tiny nostrils from the accumulating snot, but getting the nose-sucker Nosefrida up there is near impossible. Good times.
...he's rolling all over the place and was even army crawling a little bit the other day. The thought of him being mobile soon terrifies me.
...he snorts like a pig when he's excited. Judging by his weight/height class being in the 95th percentile, we think he might actually be part swine.
...his primary form of communication is a high-pitched scream.
...if you make eye contact with him when he's stirring from a nap or first thing in the morning, forgetaboutit. Once he locks eyes with you and flashes that killer smile, you might as well stop everything you're doing or go and turn on that Nespresso machine because you're now his for the next 90 minutes until the next sleep cycle begins. 
...sometimes when you go into his room to plug that binky back into his mouth, he grabs onto your wrists as if he's holding onto you for dear life. To say he's a strong little guy is a vast understatement.

Here are the pics from 4 months/3 years (link below).

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