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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mini-getaway to the Desert...

My parents graciously gifted me a few nights to use at one of their Quintess houses for my birthday, the only stipulation being that I had to use the nights by the end of April. We thought about going somewhere a little more exotic a la Cabo San Lucas, but we wanted to bring the boys and the schlep of going on a plane, etc..., not to mention the fact that littlist man still doesn't have a passport, made us decide that a quick weekend getaway to the desert was in order.

Since a lot of our friends have kids the same age as ours, we've been trying to make an effort to do more family vacations with them. Our friends Dan and Cassie have been braving the cold winter tundra in Chicago for the past six months and we thought they might benefit from a thawing out of sorts, so we invited them to join us for three days at the Rat Pack Retreat in La Quinta.

It was a great weekend and we felt like we were on a real vacation, with nothing more to do than lie by the pool and relax. Hayes and Collins (Dan and Cassie's 3 year old daughter and our future daughter-in-law) got along famously, splashing in the pool in their floaties, doing yoga and dancing on the loungers and eating every meal side by side. Watching them interact with each other was so amusing to me - they seemed like such big kids, with Collins quickly putting Hayes in his place when she didn't like something ("I don't like that Hayes!"). And while Cassie and I definitely encouraged some kisses between the two of them, I almost melted when I witnessed a stolen smooch in the pool one day. I hope it's the beginning of a long friendship!

The younger lovebirds (their daughter, Kensi is 9 months and is the same size as Grey!) didn't seem all that interested in each other yet, but enjoyed some pool time and were just along for the ride. 

We were reluctant to return to reality on Monday morning and I'm already dreaming of our next trip to the desert... although the record-high temperatures in LA this week are kind of making us feel like we're still there!

Hope you're staying cool and comfortable wherever you are!


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