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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Husband, the Politician...

It's not very often your husband's name appears on a legitimate voter's ballot and I'm proud to say that Grant Cohen will keep SORO growin' by serving another 4-year term as the South Robertson (SoRo) School Representative!

When Grant turned 25, he had a quarter-mid-life crisis of sorts and decided that when he died, he wanted to have more than just his name, followed by Beloved Father, Son and Husband on his tombstone (side note, the man isn't even planning on having a tombstone since his head will be cryrogenically frozen and ashes scattered at various favorite places like Canes' tailgates, but that's a story for another time!). So he decided that for every 6 months, he was to do one thing that would, essentially make him a more interesting person and when he left this world, he would list those things on his grave.

His "bucket list" of sorts has included a variety of different skills so far. The obvious ones like 'Proud Father'; the fun ones like 'Mixologist'; the athletic achievements like 'Marathon-Runner'; and his latest few 'Councilman' and 'Environmentalist' (he's also on the SoRo Green Team).

While his endeavors sometimes take time away from the family and I like to give him a hard time about that, in reality, I think it's a really cool thing he's doing and more importantly, I think it's a great example he's setting for our boys, who'll grow up seeing that their dad has varied interests, is involved in the community and is trying to make a difference.

For as much as this whole political thing seems like a joke (and for the most part, I suppose it is), he's helping to get funding for important initiatives for our neighborhood kids (and eventually our kids if we stay here for elementary school) and learning about a world that's pretty foreign to the rest of us (so it makes fabulous dinner conversation because everyone is fascinated).

This past Sunday were the SoRo elections, so naturally, The Cohen Kibbutz portrayed a custom lawn sign loud and proud, reminding voters to "Keep SoRo Growin', Re-Elect Grant Cohen' (a slogan yours truly made up, thankyouverymuch - 10 years in advertising has taught me something!). We brought the boys to the polls and had a good laugh as we voted for the uncontested School Representative.

And we couldn't be prouder of Councilman Cohen ;-)

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