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Monday, May 19, 2014

These guys...

People always say that the best thing about having two kiddos of the same sex is that they'll hopefully become the best of friends. And for boys, it's "play hard, fight hard". 

Even though Grey is a mere 6 months old, I can already see the bond that is forming between them. Hayes LOVES being a big brother and could not possibly give Greyson enough kisses and hugs. And Grey is so enamored with Hayes - I'll frequently find him just staring at his big brother with a look of adoration in his eyes, wanting so badly to be able to do what Hayes is doing and just utterly fascinated with this creature who isn't quite an adult like Mama and Daddy, but isn't as small as he is either.

This video captures the back and forth that went on for quite some time yesterday afternoon.
Love moments like this...

Oh and in case you're wondering, Hayes is yelling "Stay awake Grey!" b/c that's what I make him do in the car when I don't want Grey to fall asleep as I rush home from wherever we've been in order to get him in his crib for naptime. Any parent knows, even 2 minutes of carseat shut-eye can ruin what was going to be 2 hours of napping in the crib!

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