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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kids say the darndest things...

Hayes is an absolute firecracker these days - you never know what's going to come out of his mouth and we often wonder where he comes up with the things he comes up with. We find ourselves being endlessly amused with his antics and I want to bottle up his naivete so I'll never forget the joy it brings me on a daily basis. Here are a couple of snippets of a day in the life of Hayes...

...when getting into a hot car to go to the park:
"Mom, it's a scorcher today!"

...when we arrived at school last week for his parent/teacher conference:
"Who's gonna watch on us while you have your consultation?"

...when we discovered a bird had made a nest on the balcony outside of Papa's office and I was explaining to him how the bird had chosen this safe, quiet spot to be his little home:
"Mom, this isn't a little home; it's a big home."

...when he has a scraggly fingernail: 
"Mom, can you please fix my toenail for me?"
...when he told me I could put a stamp on him (a first - kid hates anything on his skin, tattoos, stamps, stickers - he is all about clean living!) and I asked him where he wanted it, he pointed to a mole on his arm and said:
"Mom, I want it on this nipple."

And the other little guy in our lives? 

He's become quite adept at communicating through shrill screams, which he practices in his crib in the wee hours of the morning while he waits for his day to start. To an outsider, it must sound like we're housing a wild bird sanctuary in our home.

Oh and he's sprouting his first tooth! Hayes didn't get his first pearly white until he was a full year old so we weren't expecting anything anytime soon, but lo and behold, what did I see the other day but a tiny little tooth poking through on the bottom left hand side. This kid is growing up too fast  - stay a baby awhile longer, won't you Grey?!

This weekend, we're staying local and have a few fun activities on tap, including...
...bringing the boys for an early picnic dinner while we enjoy some jazz on the lawn at LACMA.
...a Triple Crown themed party to kick off this season of Summer Saturdays at the Kibbutz. We're having NY-themed fare, which'll include NYC street dogs, waldorf salad, soft pretzels and Kentucky chocolate pecan bars with fresh whipped cream.
...a lazy Sunday relaxing as we gear up for a couple of busy weekends ahead, filled with out-of-town visitors and a trip back to the desert to celebrate my baby sister's impending nuptials. 

Hope you have a good one and Go Cali Chrome!

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