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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7 and 8 month Photos...

I'm very delayed in posting Greyson's 7 month pictures... So delayed, in fact, that I already have the 8 months one to share as well, so without further ado, please enjoy!

{click on the link below the photos to access the pics on a lady's photos}

7 month photos!

8 month photos!
I really can't get enough of either of my guys right now. Turns out 3 1/2 years and 8 months are pretty awesome ages and we are enjoying every minute.

Greyson is a crawling machine. He went from showing the classic signs of being ready to crawl to taking off across the room seemingly overnight and wasted no time perfecting other skills like going from crawling to sitting, pulling up on tables and in his crib and trying to stand whenever he can. Something tells me he won't be on all fours for very long, even though he started a full 3 months before his big brother did.

He is such an easy going and happy baby, constantly smiling and "talking", which consists of repeated short screams and lots of blabber. He's also started making this strange, guttural sound in his throat that makes him seem slightly possessed, so that's been interesting.

Hayes continues to make us laugh on a daily basis with the things that come out of his mouth. He is a sharp and observant fellow, constantly outsmarting us and making it harder to fib reasons why he can't do things. He's had a little bit of separation anxiety with his mama lately - not sure if it's because he's a bit threatened by his little brother's new crawling status or because of the change in schedule over the summer vs. the normal routine - but we're getting through it and although it's hard sometimes, I'm also kind of enjoying this time when I'm #1 in his eyes, because lord knows, it won't last forever!

Hayes and Theo at the Green Beginning Talent Show...

Our big news of the summer is that he's learning how to swim. He's been taking private lessons with his buddy Theo and is doing great! We're 4 lessons into a 12 lesson package and he's already floating on his back sans life preserver and doing "sleeping fish" like a pro. We're hoping that by the time we go up to Sonoma with my parents in August that he'll have the basics down so we can spend the weekend practicing our new life skill.

Keep your eyes peeled for a swimming post to follow - we couldn't be prouder of our little fish ;-)

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