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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday 'Merica!

Hard to believe that the 4th of July is already here... how are we already through half of 2014?!?

We decided to stay local this year (well, kind of local...) since we had so many other mini-weekend trips planned throughout the summer. Through years passed, we've found that LA isn't exactly the most family friendly locale, so we decided to head on down to Orange County to spend the holiday at Nini and Pa's empty pad (they're in Chicago visiting Aunt V) for a staycation of sorts.

I'm getting a kick start on my long weekend this afternoon, picking up Hayes from camp and spending a few hours with him while the babe is with the nanny. First item of business will be heading to Sweet Rose Creamery for an afternoon ice cream treat ;-)

We're going to spend the 4th with some friends who's parents have a place within walking distance to the beach in Laguna and we're on the hook for some side dishes and dessert for our 'linner' we're having tomorrow. I have been dying for an awesome peanut butter cookie for the past couple of weeks so the boy and I plan on making our favorite recipe from Gwynnie's book (with the addition of some chocolate chips!) and bringing a batch of them with us down south.

The weekend calls for nothing more than some good eats, logging some solid hours in the pool and at the beach and relaxing with our family and friends (plus a date night for Mom and Dad on Saturday!). Oh and hopefully some awesome fireworks, of course!

In honor of throwback thursday (#tbt), I'll leave you with a retrospective of Hayes celebrating the holiday throughout the years, as well as a classic video of him icing his Uncle Pat (it was all the rage in 2011)...
Hayes at 4 months (can you say awkward phase?!), 16 months and 2 years...
Hope you have a good one!


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