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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lake Arrowhead

We spent last weekend in Lake Arrowhead, a sleepy mountain town an hour and a half northeast of LA and I have to say, it was love at first sight!

I'm only slightly embarrassed to say that I first learned about Lake Arrowhead while reading one of Tori Spelling's terrible books. Her family vacations there quite often and after doing a little bit of research into it and finding out that it was so close (we always thought going to the "mountains" meant a 5-6 hour car ride), we decided to take a joint family long weekend with our friends, the Blakes.

I found an adorable little cabin on airbnb (for those of you who aren't familiar, airbnb is a house rental website) and we packed up the car to drive out first thing Friday morning. After getting through the LA freeways, the landscape changed from concrete and cars, to windy roads through huge mountains, surrounded on all sides by lush trees - basically the complete opposite of Los Angeles.

The house was perfect, with three bedrooms on the ground floor that our family took (Hayes slept in a bunk bed for the first time and thought it was the coolest thing ever) and a master in a loft-type setting that the Blakes and their little guy, Ryder took. The main room was everything you'd want out of a mountain cabin - plush leather couches and chairs, each with their own blanket, lots of wood, a stone fireplace and a coffee table filled with any board game you could ever want. The house was perched up on a hill so you felt like you were living in a tree house - especially nice in the early mornings when Greyson and I *enjoyed* watching the sunrise.

Grant fired up some lobsters on the grill on Friday night after the kids went to bed. Saturday, we took a tour of the lake on our own privately chartered boat (Greyson's first boat ride and Hayes even got to drive!) and had dinner in the adorable town square at a little Mexican restaurant. And Sunday, we went to a private beach club and relaxed while Hayes splashed around in the water. In between all of that, when Greyson was napping, Hayes enjoyed going on "adventures" in the woods, collecting pine cones and other mountain treasures.

We liked it so much, we actually looked at some real estate while we were there and are considering purchasing a second home. To be able to offer that kind of getaway to our boys on the reg for a relatively affordable price would be amazing - and the fact that it's so close makes it all the better!

Here are some more pics - we can't wait to go back!

Grey Grey wasn't too sure about the life jacket...
Captain Hayes...
The water in the lake literally had flecks of gold in it...
Brave Hayes letting the water go neck-high...
Rainbow sherbert in a chocolate sprinkly waffle cone? What more could a guy want?!

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