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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Greyson's 1st Birthday Party!

We hosted Greyson's 1st birthday party at the house on Sunday and although it was a lot of work for a little bit of party, I think everyone had a good time, including (most importantly), the birthday boy.

Already a ladies man with Avery and Emme...
Grey and his friend, Chloe...
Birthday boy gets the first swing at the pinata...
Gavin taking a go...
We decided to try and keep it casual by doing a tailgate theme - pigs in a blanket, wings, mini pulled pork sliders with slaw and shrimp with a vodka cocktail sauce, all accompanied by various chips and dips, football brownies and birthday cake. 

Unfortunately, hosting 30 adults and 15 kids (it's insane how the kids have multiplied over the past three years!) is never 'casual' - between the prep that went into it (costco and target runs! setting up! cooking the food! icing the cake!), the hosting during the party (refreshing food and bevs, wrangling the kids who without any sort of structured activity came close to killing each other once or twice) and cleaning up after the party, Grant and I were EXHAUSTED Sunday night, our bodies literally aching from being on our feet all day.

At one point, after Hayes had reached out and slapped his friend, Gavin across the face for no reason (to which Gavin responded with an amused smile) and I asked him why he did that, he replied, "We're play fighting." Duh, mom.

Anyways, I think we'll be moving the birthday parties elsewhere moving forward, but we were happy to celebrate Greyson's 1st at home and it was all worth it when we saw the enjoyment on his face after having a taste of the good life (and eating the whole damn thing!).
Really getting in there...
Check out those meat hooks...
Appropriately hectic family photo ;-)
Still stuffing his face!
Special thanks to Nini and Pa, who as per usual were our biggest helpers - we couldn't have done it without you.

Now that the birthday madness is over, we're looking forward to welcoming the holidays with open arms. Thanksgiving up at GG and Pops', early Christmas with my family at our house (minus the Kellys who are on double baby watch), Hanukkah with Grant's family and then actual Christmas at home this year. In Janurary, we'll be taking Hayes to meet his new cousins - our new nieces who are due to arrive sometime in December ;-)

Can't wait for lots of family time - it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

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