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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy birthday, dear husband!

Happy birthday, to my dear husband, who is finally catching up to his cougar of a wife (for the next 4 months at least!).

He's currently on a European business trip in our old stomping grounds in Londontown and it feels very strange not to be with him on his birthday, seeing as we've celebrated the last 16 years together. I have officially known the guy for over half of his life - how's that for making one feel old?!

So I'll raise half a glass of pinot to him in his honor tonight as I enjoy a frozen pizza with the current man of the house, Hayes (who has happily taken Grant's place in our bed for the last 4 nights while he's been gone) and look forward to a belated celebration this weekend.

We love you bigou, happy happy birthday!

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