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Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy birthday Grey Grey!

Greyson's 1st birthday is today. Yep, our baby is now officially a toddler. Can't really believe he's already a year old. A part of me feels like this year was the longest ever and another part of me wonders where the time went. 

As I reflect back on the last year, I wanted to start the tradition with Greyson and pen my annual letter to the birthday boy.

So, this is Greyson at one...

You sure took your time joining us, arriving a whole week after your due date, hours before you were scheduled to be induced. I like to think that this was our first glimpse into your personality - you are a baby who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to say so! You've handled being a living doll for your brother like a champ, putting up with constantly being sat on, dragged around, picked up by the neck, pushed down on the floor and smothered with hugs and kisses by a three year old who knows no boundaries. You do all of this with a smile on your face (most of the time!), only really complaining when he's gone a little too far. Mostly, you're enamored with your big brother, constantly watching him with an amused look on your face and engaging in games with him, screaming back and forth or letting him carry or walk with you all over the house. You are a total foodie and will inhale your food faster than we can serve it to you. You hate avocado but love all fruit, bread and cheese. Your favorite song is Wheels on the Bus. Your favorite books are the lift the flap books about babies and animals. You love to throw and catch balls. You HATE the car. You are generous with your open mouth smooches, have recently taught yourself how to clap and are this.close to learning how to wave. Just shy of one year, you took your first steps. You're cautious with your new skill but thrilled when you are able to pull off a couple steps at a time, giving yourself a round of applause or a victory twirl. You are curious, into everything, especially the toilet and trash cans. You are stubborn and determined and definitely aren't a pushover, traits I think will take you far in life. While you know what you want, you also know how to charm a room and have the brightest smile that lights up your entire face and turns your baby blue eyes into full crescents.

Before I had Greyson, I never believed that two babies - two BOYS - from the same parents could be different. Greyson has not only been physically different (he cut his first tooth a good 6 months before Hayes did, started crawling and walking a little earlier too), but we're getting glimpses into his own distinct personality as he gets older as well. It's so fun to see the two of them interact with each other and I hope with all of my heart that they become best friends.

Having two kids is no joke. There is constantly somebody who needs something - food, water, a diaper change, a bum wiped, a snuggle, a nose blown... I could go on and on. I start my days often before the sun comes up and collapse on the couch immediately following dinner, sometimes feeling as if somebody has sedated me, I am so effing tired. But I think having Greyson and learning to juggle the two of them has made me a better mother - it's certainly given me more experience on the job! And at the end of the day, there is no job I would rather have than taking care of my boys. 

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and keep things the way they are forever - thinking of them growing up scares me in a way. But I'm also loving seeing them move onto their new stages and grow as little human beings.

So, happy 1st birthday, my little Grey Grey! May you enjoy this day that's all about you for once!


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