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Monday, December 29, 2014

A new year, a new you...

Although the end of the holidays often leave me with the Christmas blues - and especially this year, with so much excitement this month and seeing how much Hayzey has inherited my love of all things merry and bright - knowing that a new year is on the horizon and feeling like that change in calendar date holds so many possibilities gives me something to look forward to.

I'm a big resolution gal. Every year, I resolve to be a better person in one way or another and I have every intention of following through on the goals I set for myself after the holiday gluttony is over. Sometimes it works and the resolution is something that becomes incorporated into my daily life. Other times, the promises I make to myself fall by the wayside and flicker through my mind when I find myself doing the thing I wasn't supposed to do anymore (ahem, texting and driving ;-(! ).

Regardless, 2015 is a new year and I wanted to jot down some new goals I'm setting for myself (and my family) to try and keep me on track.

So here goes...

...stop texting and driving - for reals.
...drink more water. Santa brought me a lovely new Lifefactory glass water bottle in a bright and cheery aqua and my goal is to fill it up 5x a day - that's 100oz of water. Right now, I'm drinking maybe 40oz on a good day, so this'll be a challenge, but it's imperative I follow through. Water makes your skin supple, your body working and helps to ward off those pesky kidney stones - and lord knows I don't feel like rekindling that love affair next year! (side note, Hayes was about the same age as Greyson is now when I first started getting the kidney stones after he was born so I'm on high alert!)
...get back into a more consistent workout routine. I've cancelled my membership at the gym- I know, sounds counter-intuitive but here me out. I haven't been to that grimy hell hole called LA Fitness in probably 6 months now, so I might as well have been throwing the $30 monthly fee into the garbage. So by cancelling the membership, I won't constantly feel that guilt of never going - and instead, I can buy individual classes at Cardio Barre (which I LOVE), Soul Cycle (which I've been dying to try) and other places that might afford me a better workout than reading US Weekly on the eliptical for 30 mins. If I can do two workouts a week - whether it be a CB class and the Culver City stairs or a Soul Cycle class and a family run, it'll be twice what I'm doing now and I'll already be making good on my resolution.
...blog more.
...experiment more in the kitchen.
...stop leaving Greyson out of things under the assumption that "he won't know the difference". We find ourselves leaving him home to do fun things with Hayes more and more and it's a bad habit to get into. He's part of the family and he should come along for the fun, even if it's a little more hectic wrangling a 1 year old. I'm also going to get him into some of his own classes stat - Hayes had already done Toddle Tunes and Gymboree by this point and poor Grey has done nothing!
...my last one is my biggest one - and the one that I think will make the most difference in my life: Disconnect. With the modern convenience of smart phones and laptops, I find myself (and Grant) constantly with our phones in our hands, checking FB or instagram or emails instead of having face to face conversations. I'd like to implement a no phone zone for at least a chunk of the night - put the devices down away from the dinner table and spend some time together as a couple and as a family. Grant works hard and this means he's often on his laptop until late in the night, long after I go to bed. I get that we won't be able to completely eliminate this - business needs to be done and emails need to be answered, but as a family resolution, I'd like to at least make an effort for that to not be every night. It's a good example to start setting for the kids and I think it will increase our quality of life ;-)

I'm going to step back in time briefly to share some pics of the holidays and then sign off until the new year, when my resolutions will be in full force ;-)

The holidays were good to us and I've actually really been enjoying being home with the boys and having a low-key Christmas in LA. The city is empty and the weather is a bit cooler, so it's a nice change of pace. Here are some shots from the past couple of weeks. We've got a revolving door of visitors this week, with Aunt V and Thomas currently in town and GG and Pops stopping in tomorrow. Nini and Pa will be assuming babysitting duties while we party it up on NYE and then we have one more weekend left of holiday before it's back to work. 
Meet Juniper Claire and Dylan Rose, our new nieces, born December 18th. We are so excited to go meet them and visit with the whole Kelly clan at the beginning of January!
A visit to Santa Claus, wearing our festive attire, of course!
Christmas Eve at the beach...
Venice Sand Berms - such a unique thing to do in LA...
Christmas Eve, 2014.
Loving the new table and chairs from GG and Pops!
Dinner in Hayes' new robe...
Cozy mornings with these tootsies...
Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays with your friends and family. Here's to a fabulous 2015!


  1. I absolutely enjoy following your blog! Your boys seem to be so much fun �� Cheers to a happy and healthy 2015!

  2. Thanks for following along, Tiff! Hope you and your little guys are great ;-)