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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

one / fifty two

Y'all know how sporadic my blog posts are. I'll have weeks (not many, but c'mon, there have been some!) where I'll post 2-3 times, weeks where all I can find is 10 minutes to post once and weeks and weeks that go by with nary a blog post at all.

So when I was catching up on a blog that I used to read (and reminded why I liked reading it so much when I found myself back at some of her posts from Thanksgiving!), I decided to be a copycat and feature a similar set of posts on a lady...

The idea is to feature a weekly series of an "in the life of" - a simple sentence about what the kids are currently into, maybe or maybe not accompanied by a photo, so we can look back and see how they've changed over the months, how long certain obsessions have lasted, how quickly they may change. It's basically like my -isms, but a quicker, less descriptive version (don't worry - I'll still do my -isms!).

I think of it kind of like a one line a week (you know those one line a day books? My sister Whitney got me one for Christmas last year and I'm obsessed - I love picking out the most important thing about my day and capturing it in writing. I love looking back on what I was doing a year ago and seeing how it compares to what I happen to be doing that day. But I digress...). Anywho, it'll be my one line a week about the boys, but for fun, I'll also throw Grant and me into the mix.

I can't promise I'll be great about committing to doing it every week, but I'll try my hardest.

So here's the first installment. Hope you enjoy!

Hayes, age 3 years, 11 months: ...likes to tell people he's "Fwee and fwee quarters" when they ask how old he is. Is insisting on having a Frozen themed ice cream cake for his 4th birthday party.

Greyson, age 14 months: ...is his brother's copycat. Give him a sippy cup with milk and he wants nothing to do with it. Give him (or better yet, let him take) his brother's milk-filled sippy and you can't pry it away from his hands.

Chanel: ...is finally finishing Greyson's baby book and feeling pretty nostalgic for those newborn days. I can't already have been bitten by the baby bug again, can I?

Grant: ...has been working hard on the deal terms for a potential new house we may be building. I hope to have some exciting news to share in the coming weeks ;-)

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