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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

...And Babies Make 6!

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I was now the proud auntie to two little nieces, June and Dylan, who were born right before Christmas. The little ladies join big brothers Hank and Gus and have made for a very full household at my sister's place in DC.
June on the left, Dylan on the right...
They've got the help over there covered with around-the-clock nannies and night nurses - the only way to survive 4 under 4 with no close family nearby to lend a helping hand. But we still wanted to go out and visit everyone, understanding that with four kids, there is no such thing as too much help!

Although this went against one of my new years resolutions to include Grey Grey in family outings moving forward, we knew that bringing a 13 month old tornado along would render us completely useless (plus we booked this trip in 2014 so technically the resolution hadn't gone into effect yet!) so we decided to leave the little man back in LA with the grandparents and take Hayes along to visit his cousins.

We left on Thursday and spent 3 nights in DC. Hayes was a dream traveler, sitting in his seat the whole time and sleeping on a fold out cot in our room. He LOVED spending time with his cousins - he was enthralled with the babies, asking to hold them and taking the initiative to wash his hands before he touched them and we had some fun afternoons at various museums with his older cousin Hank while his younger cousin Gus napped.

Best buddies at The Air & Science Museum...
Competing in a pretend spelling bee at the Natural History Museum...
Just a tad colder at the park than it is in LA!
Storytime with Uncle Matt...

The babies seemed so tiny - at only about 6-7 lbs still, they weighed less than Greyson did when he was born and they're already 3 weeks! Or maybe you just forget how teeny newborns are... Either way, they were delicious and snuggly and I'm sad to think how much bigger they'll be the next tie I see them.

Hayes meeting June - he was so nervous to hold her at first, I don't think he breathed for a full minute until we assured him she wouldn't break!
It was a really nice weekend and I'm hoping we can be better about planning more get togethers for the littles moving forward.

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