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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Photos and Videos Galore!

I've spent the day doing some housekeeping and trying to organize my life in photos and videos, so here are some very belated links (below photos) to pics documenting our lives for the last 3 months!

GDC 1 year, Halloween, Grey's 1st Bday
GDC 13 months, Thanksgiving, Christmas #1
GDC 14 months, Christmas, trip to DC
I also brought our youtube channel current so check that out if you have some time on your hands. I made all of the videos public (for the most part) again as I was told that even when you subscribed, you still weren't able to see the ones I'd marked private. So until I figure out the best way to showcase these, they'll stay public on my youtube page (grrr...).

Note, uploading these videos to youtube is another place for me to store them should something terrible happen to my computer or dropbox and I lose everything (my worst fear!). So some of the videos are boring and inconsequential to most people - but I know I'll want them when my boys are grown and I'm feeling nostalgic to see my babies again ;-)

*Hayes is VERY into a Disney show called Octonauts lately and every night, him and Greyson have a dance session to the Creature Report. Currently my favorite part of the day ;-)

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