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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

two / fifty two

Hayes, age 3 years 11 months: ...recently discovered the photo booth function on my mac and we accidentally recorded some fun we were having with the space alien effect (and boy oh boy am I glad we did b/c I could watch his little amused alien face over and over again!)

Greyson, age 14.5 months: ...after a few unusual moments of peace and quiet at our house the other day, he was found with two fist-fulls of kitty litter in his hands - on Daddy's watch (Mama would never let that happen!). Nowhere is safe and if it's something you don't want him doing, there's a 100% chance he'll be doing it.

Chanel:...I'm jumping on this bandwagon a little late but just finished the Serial podcast and have so many questions. Grant and I have been listening on our commutes and find it's a main topic of conversation between the two of us. And after my first foray into podcasts, I'm hooked. What should I listen to next??

Grant:...his trip to NYC got cancelled this week due to that whole Juno nonsense, which unfortunately meant that my trip to come meet him for a few days in NYC also got cancelled ;-( Fear not, he's booked us at The Parker Palm Springs for a short weekend getaway and we're both looking forward to adding some color back into our pale skin!

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