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Thursday, February 19, 2015

five / fifty two

Hayes, age 3 years, 11 months: ...He's discovered the joy of riding a bike and will take his tricycle on spins around the neighborhood, asking for "boosts" and pedaling as fast as his little legs can carry him. It makes me so happy seeing him so excited to ride his bike - some of my fondest childhood memories are of riding my bike around Rosedale; I'd spend hours on that thing. Thinking we need to upgrade soon to a two-wheeler with training wheels - luckily little man has a birthday coming up - any grandparents feel like splurging? ;-)

Greyson, age 15 months: ...continues to amaze us with his expanding vocabulary. He now has a handful of words, but the cutest one to me is when he says Hayes' name, which comes out quietly with a very pronounced s: 'Heee-s'. Also, this happened, which was hilarious:

Chanel: ...officially began the elementary school tours this morning, starting with Overland Elementary for Advanced Studies, which would be our neighborhood school if we end up building the new house (oh yeah, that's still miraculously alive and very well).  I was pleasantly surprised, not knowing exactly what to expect - but let's just say the other two I have scheduled have a lot to live up to.

Grant: ...has been practicing his latest Bucket-List-Challenge: becoming a balloon artist. He plans on making balloon animal monkeys at Hayes' Curious George themed birthday party this weekend, which should be interesting!

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