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Thursday, February 26, 2015

This is Childhood: Four

My baby boy is four today. Where oh where has the time gone? I couldn't be prouder of the young man he is becoming and thank my lucky stars every day that he is in my life and that I get to play such an important role in his.

So to you Hayzey Badger, This is Childhood, 4:

You were one of the most thoughtful three year olds I'd ever met. You insisted on walking me to my car every morning when I would leave for work, calling out "Drive carefully!" as I pulled out of the driveway. When your dad and I went out at night, you'd do the same, coming around either side of the car and asking us to roll down the window so you could give us a kiss goodbye. You loved to do things with us, constantly wanting to be included in whatever was going on, even if it just meant watching a show in our bedroom when I got ready for work. You were enthusiastic about everything, asking lots of questions and forever curious about why things were the way they were. You never turned down a request for a smooch or a snuggle from your 'ole Mom and greeted and said goodbye to your little buddies with a big hug and kiss as well. You loved when your dad went away on business because it meant that you could have a sleepover with me, but understood (for the most part) that a bed was made for two people, not three, so would end up sleeping on our floor a couple nights a month when you'd wake up in the middle of the night. Your favorite color was still green. Your favorite food was breakfast for dinner - you loved scrambled eggs and pancakes and always insisted on a reload on the maple syrup. You always wished for Christmas trees. You would spend hours watching unboxing videos on youtube and would reenact them yourself at the kitchen table. You went through phases with your choice of shows throughout your third year, with the main pleasers being Doc McStuffins, Peppa Pig, Curious George and your latest obsession, the Octonauts. You would dance and sing to the intro of whatever you were watching and make me pause it while you ran to get your props (your tool kit, for instance, when you watched Handy Manny). You still wanted to be a doctor for babies and when someone hurt themselves, you'd run to your room and take out your doctor's kit to make it all better. Speaking of making it all better, when you hurt yourself, you immediately insisted on a bandaid (even when there was no visible mark) and a few minutes with an ice patch could cure any bump or bruise. An unpleasant experience with a splinter made you unreasonably fearful of tweezers. You called balloons "ba-moons" and said "I lub you" instead of I love you. You played nicely with your brother (for the most part), including him in what you were doing and trading toys with him if he insisted on playing with something you didn't want him to have. When he was around your friends, at soccer or at school, you'd stand next to him, protective and holding his hand, making sure everyone knew he was your brother. You loved school, always asking when you could stay for "more fun" (enrichment). Your best friend was Theo Brown, who you called "Feo". You guys loved nothing more than pretending to bake pies together. There was no one in life who you loved more than your Grandma Nini, who spoiled you absolutely rotten. You loved to go to Starbucks and order chocolate milk to go with your chocolate croissant. You weren't a huge fan of vegetables, but we could get you to eat a couple of bites - you loved to make a big spectacle about how the veggies were making you grow and would stand up tall on the kitchen table bench, saying, "look at me! I'm growing!". You loved to say, "Look what I'm up to! I'm up to sum-ping! {something}" when you knew you were doing something you shouldn't be. You were hard to say no to as I couldn't bear seeing you sad and wanted to give you everything your heart desired. At night, after talking about our favorite parts of the day, I'd sit in there and rub your back until you'd fall asleep, looking at your calm, still, perfect face and wondering how it was that you were already such a big guy and how lucky I was to get to be your mama.

Tonight, we'll go to our traditional birthday dinner at Factor's (or "Factorys" as Hayes likes to call it) and open up some pressies before I jet off to school for a parenting workshop, which they always seem to schedule on Hayes' birthday for whatever reason!

We had his birthday party last weekend at Joey's Gym, which was a huge success. Kids had a ball, parents got to socialize and although it cost us a small fortune, it was well worth it to not have to deal with having everyone at the house so it was money well spent. I tried to capture some photos, but those monkeys were all over the place so here's the best I've got!:

Favors: Curious George books with personalized thank you tags, displayed in a CG lunchbox...
Personalized thank you tags I got here...
Cups and plates to make yellow hats!
The kids being entertained - and Greyson holding his own!
So active, literally all of the shots I could get of the kids were blurry!
The original three amigos, Ollie, Gavin and Hayes...
Hayes and his new lady love, Payton...

Next time, I'll reconsider the noise-makers...
The best family picture we could get of the crazy day!
Happy birthday, buddy. Mama lubs you with all her heart.

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